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September 15th, 2016 at 11:20 pm EST
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The current Tracing Vellum sale is one that all of our Sure-Fit Designs customers appreciate.  But when you reside in an international country, I know shipping from the USA can be pretty expensive, especially with the Tracing Vellum.
This newsletter is to inform you that you can now purchase not only the Tracing Vellum (20 m/roll) but also all of the Sure-Fit Designs Kits and instructional DVDs
 from our new UK distributor Judith Johnson.
Judith can save you money on postage/shipping
& handling.
Visit Sure-Fit Designs UK
Not only will you save money on postage/shipping & handling, but you'll also save on transit time.  Your order will arrive much sooner being shipped from the UK than from here in the USA.  Judith Johnson carries the Sure-Fit Designs products including fitting kits, DVD's and Fashion Leaflets.  Visit her new website:
Stock up on Tracing Vellum through 18th Sept.  Save on shipping and transit time.  Buy one and get the second one at 1/2 price.  Our tracing vellum is naturally transparent and made from 100% pure cellulose fibre without the use of transparentising chemicals. It is 640mm wide and 20 metres long.
Act now as the sale ends midnight Sunday 18 Sept.
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Thanks for your ongoing support of Sure-Fit Designs
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