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August: Shirt Savvy

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august 2011 newsletter

Welcome to the  August Sure-Fit Designs newsletter.

This month I’m focusing on fitting and sewing shirts for both men and women with the Shirt Kit.  Lots of new and interesting information is offered, so take some time to browse through all the videos and instructional files.

PS. Thanks so much to all of you that responded to dress/blouse designs ideas Survey.  Your input is greatly appreciated!

What' New?


New Videos – Shirt Kit

There are 3 new videos and 2 previous shirt videos you may not have taken the time to watch.    Follow this link: Click Here. 

The NEW...

1. Shirt - Personalizing the Neck Size

2. Shirt Kit - Personalizing the Neck & Sleeve when you have a large bustline

3. Adding a Dart to the Shirt Front (if needed)


4. Shirt - Recognizing Design Details - Part 1

5. Shirt - Recognizing Design Details - Part 2

For all Shirt Kit videos - Click Here.


Shirts for both Women & Men

Remember - the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit is your Uni-Sex fitting and sewing Kit.  The Master Patterns offer the dartless look for women as well as give him one of the best fitting shirts he's ever worn.  You'll find 5" - 6" of ease built in to the chest/bust circumference measurements.

Tips ‘n Techniques – Sewing your Shirt
New articles to read...

1. Plackets - Continuous Lap Placket
2. Plackets - Traditional Shirt Placket
3. Collar & Collar Stand - Super Easy Technique

Make sure you take time to read these sewing techniques before constructing your Shirt  Click Here.  

A Carousel of Shirt Creations

Both women and men benefit from the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit.  Thank you to those of you who submitted your Shirt photos...I can always use more!  Please submit your project photos.  Make sure you take a look at the new Shirt photos in the carousel.

Click here.


Skype Address:

Remember, you can always Skype me with any questions...I'm here...and always happy to help! Skype address. This is going to make it so much easier for me to actually ‘see’ some of the questions you might have. 

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Happy Sewing...


'Just use Sure-Fit Designs
and be Sure of the Fit!'


Sure-Fit Designs



Video Welcome


First, download the images within this email. (Or you can click directly within the box above.) Then, when you click the forward arrow it will open up a new screen.  Click the arrow again and let the video load.  It will then begin playing.  When done, click the 'X' to close the screen - you will be returned to this email message.

Answering Your Questions...

You've all asked some excellent questions.  In response to yet a few more...see the next 2 topics.


1. Removing Excess Ease/Fabric just below the back shoulders.

When your test shirt is complete, make sure you reach both arms forward.  If the reach-room is to your liking, leave everything as is.  But if there is still excess ease between your shoulder point and mid-armhole, simply re-draw the armscye curve by positioning the Design Stylus so that it 'scoops' out a little more of the back.  Use the Stylus to your benefit, by re-shaping as necessary.

2. Designing with the SFD Shirt Kit.

Please remember that the Shirt Kit master patterns INCLUDE the 5/8" (1.6cm) seam allowances.  When designing, I recommend marking in the seam allowances (with the Stylus), so that as you measure for design details, you'll always know that they've been included. can remove them completely, add/change your design details, then add the s.a. back on - that choice is yours.


August Web Site Special

The SFD Shirt Kit is now on sale for 10% off.  If you don't already have it, take advantage of this limited time offer.

To receive this special, it must be ordered from the Specials page on the SFD website.

(More) Customer Feedback - Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply - new pants styles book

I've been very busy with my youngest son's wedding in the last fortnight, so I've just got around at having a look at the video of 'Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply with SFD'.  Just terrific and if it is any indication of what is to come, it will be just great times ahead.  I've waited for many years for something like this.  Lately I've just concentrated on my 2 small granddaughters.  Sooo for myself - look out!  Thank you so much and I look forward to what's ahead.

C. Bailey - Toowoomba, QLD Australia

Click here.



New SFD Shirt Videos

SFD Customer Comments

August Special

Personalize the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt kit for either women or men.  These videos show in detail aspects of personalizing the Shirt Kit to your body measurements and requirements.


SFD How-To Shirt Series - Click Here for the entire Series




See Links Above.

A Customer Comment...

I ordered the SFD patterns after having seen them in an Australian Sewing magazine - 'Dressmaking with Stitches'.  When when arrived, I started with the Shirt pattern blueprint for my son (student, 20+ and very slim: waist size 32/neckline size 30).  It was quite easy to follow your instructions and the blueprint was finished 'before my coffee was cold'.

Wanting a quick test, I started with a jeans fabric from my huge stash and created the trial-jeans-jacket.  It was perfect in the proportions and my son wore it the whole time.  It has custom-designed inside pockets for his 'electronic equipment', and outside pockets for his hands.

After this success, I dared to cut the Graffiti-jeans fabric in the same style.  He is very happy with the results and so am I.

A happy sewing customer from Germany...

PS - See the Jean and Graffiti jackets in the Customer Carousel of Creations.  click here


August SFD Special

Save 10% on the SFD Shirt Kit.

Reg. $32.95, now only $29.95 plus S&H.

To receive this special, it must be ordered from the Specials page on the SFD website.


 Specials page 



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