Subject: Shirt Broadcast begins in 1 hour - Have supplies ready - see you soon

Shirt Success Broadcast
**Beginning in 1 hour**

Shirt Success streaming broadcast with Glenda the Good Stitch beginning in 1 hour.
Saturday Sept. 18 - 1PM (Pacific) 2PM (Mountain) 3PM (Central) 4PM (Eastern)
Shirt Success Broadcast:
Beginning in 1 hour!!
Get ready to watch and participate!
***Your Private SFD YouTube Viewing Link***

“Let's Talk Shirt Success
with Glenda the Good Stitch”
Presented by Sure-Fit Designs USA
Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021
will begin promptly at
1PM (Pacific) 2PM (Mountain)
3PM (Central) 4PM (Eastern)
(Or Check your Home Time Zone!)
Please arrive 5-7 minutes ahead of your designated viewing time to get settled in. Close all other browsers.  I encourage you to listen...learn...absorb.  Remember this broadcast can be viewed as many times as you want to up until Oct. 31 on this YouTube platform.  Thereafter you will find it in
** If you have your Shirt Kit, please have the instruction book out so that you can follow along.
YouTube Viewing link is directly below.
***Your Private SFD YouTube Viewing Link***

(***Save this email for viewing instructions).
**Please make sure you have watched the short video - 'How to Measure for Shirt Fitting' prior to the broadcast.  See #4 below for video viewing link.

**If you haven't yet taken your free gifts, scroll down...
Registration Gifts
1) Your free access to the About Town Tunic Design & Sew Along on “SureFitAcademy” -- Access the course at the following link and use discount code ABTfree (do not enter your credit card details or you will be charged for this course!):
2) Your free Casual Swing Jacket Fashion Leaflet – ***Please download prior to the event so that you can follow along and participate in the designing lesson that will be taught toward the end of the broadcast. Simply click on this link to download and print your Fashion Leaflet -
3)Your free Shirt Styles Designing Guide.  See the designs and changes you can make to your personal blueprint.  Please download prior to the event. Click Here:
***4) Measuring Video: Prior to the live event, and to assist you in understanding measuring for shirts, please watch Glenda’s free YouTube video How to Measure For Shirt Fitting Click Here: 
5) Receive a further discount on the Reg. Shirt Kit Combo by using Discount Code SSBDIS will be available through midnight Monday Sept. 20, 2021. (Included items shown below). If you wish to purchase, please Click Here.
6)**1/2 Scale Shirt Patterns…To participate in the designing lesson, please download and print the following ½ scale Shirt Patterns:
Shirt Back - Click Here

Shirt Front – Click Here

Shirt Sleeve – Click Here

7) Gather your suppliesTo build your confidence, I encourage you to participate in the designing lesson of this streaming broadcast.  Also, please have the following supplies on hand:
*1/2 scale Shirt Patterns – see above links (#6 above)
*Casual Swing Jacket Fashion Leaflet - see above gift link (#2)
*Designing Stylus
*Designer’s Companion
*Ruler and/or Line Drafter
*Graphite and/or colored pencils
*Removable Tape
*Few strips of Tracing Vellum
*Paper Scissors and/or Rotary Cutter
*Optional Shirt Kit with instruction book
Any questions? Contact Glenda at
(541) 515 - 8882
PO 770, Star, ID 83669, United States
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