Subject: Sew...What's New at Sure-Fit Designs?

Sew...What's New at Sure-Fit Designs?
1. SFD Blog News
The Sure-Fit Designs Blog has a new home.  It is now housed within the Sure-Fit Designs website under the Resources tab.  Every week we are adding 1 - 2 blogs to keep you updated.  Just Click Here.
2. Shirt Success Broadcast Replay
What can you do with your SFD Shirt Kit?  If you missed the Shirt Success Broadcast in September, you can now access the course, divided into easy manageable lessons, all in our Academy. Registration gifts included.   Click Here for Information
3. Weekly YouTube Sure-Fit Designs Videos
We are making every attempt to put up new videos on YouTube once a week.  All for enhance your understanding and confidence when working with your Sure-Fit Designs personal patterns.  And while in YouTube, please subscribe to our SFD YouTube channel and get instant notification when new videos are published.
Scooping the Armhole - Do you need it?
Is the upper chest width on your pattern too wide?  Learn how to measure your width and ultimately scoop the armhole if needed.
The Designer's Companion
For those of you unfamiliar with this functional drawing tool, the Designer's Companion, watch this video to discover it's multiple uses.  ***If you are in the USA, this is one of our free getting-started gifts with the purchase of either a Mini, a Regular, or Maxi Kit Combo. Click Here
Shoulder 'V' point - No!...No!...No!
What in heaven's name am I talking about?  Have you drawn an armhole too flat?  Do the front and back shoulder seams form a 'V' when sewn?  See the situation and learn how easy it is to correct the problem.  Your sleeves will set in and hand so much better.  Click Here
Sleeves & All Their Quirkiness
So now, you may have modified the does that affect the sleeve cap.  This video discusses 3 important options to modify the sleeve cap.  Plus download the accompanying article.  Click Here
Stay tuned for more news from Sure-Fit Designs - How can we help you be more successful with your fitting and sewing projects?  If you have video topic suggestions, please email Glenda the Good Stitch at

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