Subject: SFD New Video/Article Update - May '13 Newsletter

May 2013 Newsletter
Sure-Fit Designs

Since the April Fit & Sew Retreat, it's been a hectic time of catching up, creating a new complimentary video, updating an article and beginning a new DVD designing project for you.  Read below and click on the links for details.
Video: Narrowing the SFD Pants Leg Width
Its' all about personal preference!  Some ladies are quite satisfied with the width of the SFD pants leg when their body blueprint is drawn and tested.  Others feel it's too wide.  This really is a matter of personal preference and the remedy is ever so easy.  Click on the link below to watch the latest, complimentary help video from SFD for how best to narrow the leg width for your personal pants pattern.  When the link opens, just scroll down the page to Video # P.6.10.  (You can view this in a larger format by clicking on its title bar which will open the video in YouTube - isn't YT wonderful!)
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Article: Removing Horizontal CF fullness with a Tuck/Dart
Some women experience horizontal fullness or bagging directly beneath their tummy and just before the crotch curve begins.  Once you’ve sewn your test muslin for your pants, if this is occurring, an optional technique to remove this CF fold is shown in this article.  Click on the link below.
Click Here - Pants Front Horizontal Fold Remedy »
New Designing DVD: Jeans
Coming Soon

Most all of you enjoy wearing jeans. Some of you live in your jeans!  In fact, one of the more common questions I'm asked, is 'Can I make jeans with my SFD pants pattern'?  The answer of course, is a resounding YES!  We are currently producing not only written instructions for how to adapt your SFD pants pattern and sew it together but also you'll receive a companion DVD so that you can see exactly how to achieve well-fitting jeans.  Watch for the Pre-Order special, which (I hope) will be announced in June.
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