Subject: SFD July Newsletter - Taking a Breath!


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Taking a Breath!

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july 2011 newsletter

(Belated) Happy 4th of July!

To all of our US sewing friends, I hope you had a pleasant Independence Day holiday.

As for us at Sure-Fit Designs, it was a much needed break - June was such a hectic month!


PS. Make sure to download the email images...

What' New?


Time for a breather!

June was such a hectic month.  First there was the ongoing effort to finish the new pants designing book - Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply.  Second, we had the June 15 Live Chat with all that it entailed to get the transcript live and up on the website.  And last, but definitely not least, was the completion of Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply.

As a result, preparing a totally new July newsletter simply wasn't in the cards.  Thank you for your understanding.  August will resume with a focus on Shirt fitting with Sure-Fit Designs. 


Welcome New Members

And since we have a number of new members in our Sure-Fit Designs sewing community, I'll be offering some review information that you may not have previously seen or had the time to read.

What's new to some, may be a review for others.  Here are a few article links worth reading:

1. Helping you to determine Pant Wearing Ease.

2. Have a Protruding Tummy?  See this suggestion.

3. Not equal on both sides?  Read this Asymmetrical article.

4. Guidelines for Fitting Commercial Patterns.

5. And, don't miss the new Pants Fitting Videos added last month!


Skype Address:

In an effort to keep in touch with all of you – helping you with your pattern drafts and the designs you choose to make – I now have a Skype address. This is going to make it so much easier for me to actually ‘see’ some of the questions you might have. 

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Happy Sewing...


'Just use Sure-Fit Designs
and be Sure of the Fit!'


Sure-Fit Designs



In Review!

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Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply

Thank you to all of you who ordered the Introductory Special in mid-June.  I'm sure most of you have your received your order by now.  For those of you who have not yet seen this new pants designing addition, please click here. 

I love my Yoga Pants!

I'm already getting such positive feedback on Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply.  Ann from Houston comments:

"I would like to share with you that these patterns are the best fitting patterns I have ever used.  And your instructions are just GREAT!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the sewing world."

Take a look at Ann's Yoga pants - click here.

Carousel of your Creations

Make sure you take another look at your creations on our Customer Carousel.  Fit is so important and you are all doing such a good job with your SFD creations.  Simple and basic - they fit! - and you're happy!  That's what counts.  I've rotated in some new photos so please take a look.  Have patience as the photos load.  Click Here.

July Special - Upgrade your 3-Kit Combo to the Works, PLUS now add Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply.

Many of you previously ordered the 3-Kit Combo, and now that you've sewn with the SFD system, you wish you'd have ordered the Works! Here is your opportunity to get the remainder of the kits, Fashion & Design Leaflets, and the new pants designs book - Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply, plus have the option of adding the 50 yd. Tracing Vellum.

Upgrade price without vellum - $66.40 (Reg. $97.85) + S&H.

Upgrade price PLUS vellum - $99.35 (Reg. 133.80) + S&H.


To receive this special, it must be ordered from the Specials page on the SFD website.


Live Chat Transcript

Click here if you haven't yet had a chance to review the June 15 Live Chat transcript.  The focus was on fitting pants with Sure-Fit Designs.

Most Informative Web Site:

And from Javorka in Australia - "Your website is one of the most useful and informative sites I have ever used.  I think I watched just about every video on the site.  They are so informative."

If you have not yet browsed through the video series, please click here.

Pant that Mix 'n' Multiply

Another Happy SFD Customer

July Special

For those of you who are new to Sure-Fit Designs, Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply is the newest instructional designs addition.  You'll receive a 16-pg. book with 5 current pant styles and Bonus Pants - Yoga/Travel/Comfort pants, PLUS an accompanying how-to DVD.

It's a book of pant designs intended to extend the life of and augment your current SFD Pants Kit.


There's also a short video describing the new styles you'll find within the new book. To take a look, please click here.


Take a look at Ann's new and totally comfortable YOGA PANTS - from Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply.

Click Here.

First of all thank you for the time you spent with me on Skype going over my sloper.  Since then I have made a dress, a top and 2 pairs of capri pants for myself and a shirt for my husband.

My husband said that this shirt is the best he has ever owned.  it fit so well.  He wore it to a party and got so many compliments.

I was amazed at how my capri pants turned out.  They did not need any adjustments at all and fit just perfectly.  It is so great to know that I can make a pair of pants and know they will be perfect. 

My second pair, which I made this afternoon in about an hour and never even tried them on until they were finished, were just perfect.

Thank you again....

Jane Schmitt - Florida
(Photo Gifts)

(A note from Glenda - By the way, Skype is totally free and it’s a great way to communicate over the Internet.)

Upgrade from your 3-Kit Combo to the Works PLUS Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply and receive:

*Children's Kit,

*Men's Instructional Pkg,
*10 Fashion Leaflets,

*4-pg. Fashion Design Sheet,

*Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply.

*Plus, supplement your supplies with the durable, see-through 50yd. x 18" wide Tracing Vellum.

To receive this Special, it must be ordered from the Specials page on the SFD website.



See Link Above.