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All Sure-Fit Designs DVD's are on sale from Sept 7-15.
Whether they are independent DVD's, like the Jeans DVD, or if they are included in a designing book, like Sew Sensational Shirts, order now and receive a 20% discount.  Click Here for the DVD Sale.
This Sure-Fit Designs How-To DVD (2 hr. 10 min.) gives visual instructions of how to measure, personalize your body and create patterns that fit exclusively you using the Sure-Fit Designs Dress, Pants & Shirt Kit master patterns.  It's a great introduction & overview to the entire SFD fitting system.  On sale Click Here.

the SFD Jeans DVD - 2 hours of video content showing you how to sew the best fitting jeans with your Sure-Fit Designs personalized pants pattern.  See how to prepare your pattern, refine the crotch fit if necessary, and sew the test jeans, front pocket sequence as well as sewing the fly front.  Click Here.
SFD Pants Fitting Course on DVD - 3 hours of detailed lessons for Pants measuring, pattern drawing, sewing and fitting is offered on this 2-DVD set.  It's a complete SFD Pants Fitting Course and is accompanied by a 30 minute Skype session with Glenda to evaluate your pants fit and offer suggestions.  Click Here.
Pants that Mix 'n Multiply with DVD - a designing book featuring new pant styles to be designed from your SFD Pants Kit.  16 pages cover 5 new designs, plus your bonus of Yoga/Travel/Comfort Pants.  See how to mix 'n multiply many different styles with this easy-to-follow designing book.  It's accompanied with a 1 1/4hr. instructional DVD showing how to draw the new pant styles.  Click Here.
Sew Sensational Shirts with DVD - a designing book featuring new women's shirt styles designed from your SFD Shirt Kit.  24 pages introduce you to 5 new shirt designs including a shirtwaist style dress, hoodie jacket, detachable collar overblouse, hidden placket, and asymmetrical contemporary wrap blouse.  Your bonus is the cross-over shoulder T-shirt.  1.5 hr DVD demonstrates all the pattern drawing processes.  Click Here.
Beyond Bodice Basics - a 28-page designing book featuring empire line designing, princess lines, 2 cowl neck blouse variations, a diagonal hemmed cardigan and 2 bolero jackets - all to be designed from your SFD Dress Kit.  A 2-hr DVD accompanies this design book which shows detailed drawing steps for each pattern. Click Here.
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