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January 5th, 2013 at 9:00 pm EST
New Fashion Leaflets:
The Pencil Skirt
Angel Sleeve Blouse

Sure-Fit Designs January 2013
New Fashion Designing Leaflets!
Informative Video Library - Video Tour
Happy New Year to Everyone and Welcome to 2013!

What a better way to begin the New Year than with new sewing projects in mind.  As we get through our winter and head toward spring, you may enjoy sewing one or both of these new SFD designs.

Newly added to the growing list of downloadable Fashion Leaflets by Sure-Fit Designs are the Pencil Skirt and the Angel Sleeve Blouse.

Though they have been teamed up as a complimentary ensemble, each Fashion Leaflet is priced separately for your choice to suit your clothing needs.  Choose either the Pencil Skirt or the 3/4 length Angel Sleeve Blouse (or both).
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The skirt is sewn from a sueded poly blend, fully lined, and features a CB godet for walking ease & comfort.
The Pencil Skirt - Pencil Sharp
Be pencil sharp in this well-fitting pencil skirt from Sure-Fit Designs.   Design your skirt shorter or tighter - it's up to you.  Either way you'll know the fit will be great with Sure-Fit Designs. Click Here for your downloadable Fashion Leaflet »
A lively, silky polyester in a cheerful floral print was chosen for the complimentary blouse.
The Angel Sleeve Blouse
This simple blouse design from Sure-Fit Designs features the prettiest of simple neckline treatments and 3/4 length Angel Sleeves.  You can tuck it in or wear as an over blouse.  Team it up with an optional long tie belt. Click Here for your downloadable Fashion Leaflet »
Informative Video Library
~Video Tour~

You all know that we're constantly adding new videos to the Sure-Fit Designs (SFD) Video Library.  This particular video actually takes you on a tour of the Video Library, how it's categorized and how best to find the videos that are relevant to your current project.

Currently, there are over 100 SFD videos in the Library, and they're all there to benefit your fitting and sewing experiences.  The most recent additions are:
D.9.6 Rounded Back & Protruding Shoulder Blade Tune-Up
D.9.7 Square Shoulder Tune-Up
D.9.8 Sloped Shoulder Tune-Up
D.9.10 Asymmetrical Shoulder Line Tune-Up
D.9.11 Asymmetrical Waist/Hip Level Tune-Up

D.7.3 Adjust-A-Bust Template - How to make the dart smaller than 'A' or larger than 'E' cup
and for pants fitting
P.6.4 Drawing a Horizontal Fish-Eye Dart in Pants Back for a Flat Backside
For those of you who are new to Sure-Fit Designs, please take a few minutes to get your personal guided tour around the SFDLearningCenter Video Library.  Just CLICK HERE.
My Request of You!
Please help me spread the word about fitting and sewing with Sure-Fit Designs.  Many of you did not know about Sure-Fit Designs until you did some kind of an Internet search or a friend recommended this fitting system to you.  Therefore, if you happen to have a sewing blog or Facebook page, please feel free to share and post any of the Sure-Fit Designs videos as they may well be of interest to your readers and friends. And to those of you who are already posting about your fitting and sewing experiences with Sure-Fit Designs, I send you a BIG thank you!  Let me know when you do and I'd be happy to link back to you.

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Sure-Fit Designs can come to you no matter where in the world you are, so let's talk about Skyping.  If you belong to a sewing group and would like to organize a small group SFD session/lesson, I can come to you in person (via Skype).  Please contact me for details.