New - Copy Cat: R-T-W Tunic Fashion Leaflet

April 1st, 2013 at 11:00 pm EDT
Copy Cat: R-T-W Tunic
Fashion Leaflet
You all see garments and clothing in Ready-to-Wear that you'd love to sew.  With the Sure-Fit Designs patterns, it's just a matter of deciding which pattern will be the best for the style you want.
 Copy Cat: R-T-W Tunic
New Downloadable Fashion Leaflet
We all know that saving time & money are two great reasons to sew.  When you add personal fit to the equation, you come out even further ahead.  Take for example the fashionable tunic shown here.  This ready-to-wear tunic can be found online at prices ranging from $275 - $495.  Then of course, you need to consider the fit.  So...let's just copy the design using your SFD patterns and save both time and money, knowing all the while that it will fit your unique body when you've finished sewing it.  Use either your SFD Dress or Shirt Kit depending on the fit outcome you want.  Enjoy!
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April '13 SFD Fit & Sew hands-on workshops are about to begin. Ladies are coming from all over the US to attend the SFD Pants and Bodice fitting classes.  You receive individual instruction, since there is never more than 6 in a class.

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The next workshops are scheduled for July/Aug 2013.  Click here for details. July/Aug 2013 Pants/Bodice workshops 
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