Subject: Large Upper Arm: Fitting and Finessing your Sleeve Pattern by Sure-Fit Designs

Got a large upper arm?
Are you frustrated with sleeve patterns that don't fit? 
Solve your fitting dilemma with the free Large Upper Arm video series from Sure-Fit Designs: 'Fitting & Finessing the Sleeve Pattern for the Large Upper Arm'.
6 videos in for the
See how easy it is to blend the wider Shirt Kit Sleeve with your well-fitting Dress Kit bodice.  Combine the best of both patterns - use the Shirt Sleeve which typically does not need widening.

Follow Glenda the Good Stitch helping to build your designing confidence
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Fitting & Finessing the Sleeve patterns for the Large Upper Arm

6 free videos, including how to measure your bicep, how to increase the bicep width if you need this, alternative sleeve styles for the large upper arm, truing a widened sleeve underarm seam, see a 'cheater's' way to reduce excess sleeve cap ease, see how to narrow the shirt sleeve if this is your preference and understand our sleeves and all their quirkiness.

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1. About Town Tunic

2. Split Collar Fun

3. Raglan Sleeve with Godet insert


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Sew Simple: Design & Sew the 3 new Shirt patterns

When you have your test shirt completed...and you ask 'Where do I go from here?'  This Design & Sew Along series is designed to help you bridge the gap from your finished shirt blueprint (sloper) to learning simple designing techniques - all designed to help you develop confidence to design your own sewing patterns with skills & techniques to last a lifetime.

**About Town Tunic Design & Sew Along
**Split Collar Fun Design & Sew Along
**Raglan Sleeve Design & Sew Along

Purchase the Sew Alongs individually?
If you prefer to purchase the courses individually, you are welcome to do so.  See the Sew Along descriptions and the course links below:
About Town Tunic Design & Sew Along  - this is a fun Design & Sew Along featuring the SFD Shirt Kit.  See how it evolves into the About Town Tunic, click here.
Split Collar Fun - sew with a suitable knit and design a split collar in this Shirt Kit Design & Sew Along, - Split Collar Fun! click here.
Raglan Sleeve with Godet Design & Sew Along -If you'd like to see the designing process for the classic raglan sleeve design, then this is Design & Sew Along for you, click here.
Or...if you want to purchase all 'previous & new Shirt Sew Alongs?
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New to Drawing & Designing with the SFD Shirt Kit?
If you're new to drawing your Shirt Kit pattern, you will likely want to begin with the Big Shirt Bundle.  It comes with the Go Everywhere Shirt Design & Sew Along which is the basis for measuring, drawing and sewing your shirt pattern. 

Then once tested, proceed with the other Shirt Design & Sew Alongs included in this Big Shirt Bundle.  Save 20%.  You'll receive 5 Shirt Design & Sew Alongs containing 68 video lessons.
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