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Sure-Fit Designs™  Newsletter – Jan. 2011

Greetings to one and all for this New Year!

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What’s New?

1. Sure-Fit Designs™ video seriesWe've been 'busy beavers'!  There are now a number of informative and short videos about different SFD tools, supplies and techniques to make your fitting and sewing just that much easier.  As well, I've created a short How-To Pants drawing series - all because you've asked for it and for your benefit! These videos are also up on YouTube, where you can add comments. Click on this link to view the  Video Series that includes: 

  1. General Introduction to Sure-Fit Designs.
  2. How to use the Dress Kit Adjust-A-Bust template (for A thru E Bra Cups).
  3. How to use the Designing Stylus and its many body drawing curves.
  4. Using the great Tracing Vellum for pattern drawing.
  5. Measuring for Pants fitting.
  6. Creating your Front & Back Crotch measurements.
  7. Drawing your personalized Pants Back pattern.


2. Sure-Fit Designs™ Blog.  So many of you have asked me to begin a blog.    The good news is that it’s finally underway.  Check it out!  I admit, there’s not a lot in it right now, but it will grow in time.  As I see relevant fitting and sewing information, I’ll post it there.  So click on through to and sign up to receive notifications when updates are added.  It’s a great place to stay in touch and add your comments. I invite you to comment on your 2010 sewing accomplishments!


3.  Designing Leaflets.  These design leaflets are intended to help you further utilize your Sure-Fit Designs™ pattern kits.  There are 10 different design leaflets – they’re only $2 each, unless you’re getting ‘The Works’ and then they’re all included.  From Dolman Sleeves to Sporty Jacket to feminine and flouncy – just follow the link to take a look.  Click this link to view all the Leaflets.


 4.  January SPECIAL! Manufacturer's Mix-Up - Tracing Vellum 24" x 50 YD.  Normally we don't stock the 24" wide vellum in 50 yd rolls.  But the manufacturer slipped up and shipped us the wrong size...the benefit is yours!  This value size roll will be available while supplies last.  Take advantage of this special price of $39.95/roll (Plus S&H - which I've kept as low as possible).  Please your order for this value item from the Specials page.  Click Here!


Keep in Touch! 

Well folks, you can see there’s a lot happening already at in 2011 to help you have fun and a rewarding experience using your Sure-Fit Designs™ pattern fitting system. 


Keep in touch…and Happy Sewing!


Glenda Sparling
President Ranita Corporation/Sure-Fit Designs™
Web site:
Ph#: (541) 344-0422
"Use Sure-Fit Designs™ and be Sure of the Fit!"


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