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Announcing the updated

June 2015
As so many of you know, in early 2015, the entire SFD product line (envelopes, instruction books and patterns) got a face-lift and updating.  Lots of information got moved from one location to another to allow for new information to be added.

As a result, the very handy SFD Super Index needed to be updated.  The lovely lady who developed the Super Index for you is Sara Gray (of and she willing agreed to update it for everyone's benefit.

This Super
Index makes it so much easier to find all the specific information that is offered within the SFD fitting and sewing kits and website.

With this SFD SUPER INDEX, finding the relevant information is extremely easy.
As an example...
Want to design and sew a princess line garment?  Just turn to D-34 (Dress Kit, Page 34).
Or how about pleated pants?  Just turn to P-26 (Pants Kit, Page 26). 
And the list goes on....

Sara offers instructions on how to use the index, a Source Key, an Info Key, a SFD Kits Summary and now she's added an Ease Key.  She is to be commended for her thoroughness and her generosity in sharing this with all of you.

You find the SFD SUPER INDEX by clicking on the link directly below.  From here, there's one more click to the INDEX which is in a download PDF file.  Please be patient while this file downloads into your computer.

Sure-Fit Designs

Get your copy! Sara has updated the Sure-Fit Designs™ SUPER INDEX and is so graciously willing to share her results with all of you. 

As many of you know, Sure-Fit Designs went through a 'face lift' and update in early 2015...and Sara has re-indexed all the instruction books, Fashion Leaflets, and e-Patterns. They have have all been indexed for your easy reference. 

No need to wonder where to find a particular designing idea - just check the SUPER INDEX and head directly to the information.   Click Here

Please note - you'll see the previous index on this page as well.  This is for customers who are still working with the SFD kits prior to 2015.  Both 'old' and 'revised' are now available.

Some of you may be interested in Sara's latest project and Craftsy class: the Tablet Prop-or-Go. Just click here.    Sara, thanks so much for sharing your Indexing effort with all our SFD customers.
New Video:
Transferring a Back Shoulder Dart into a Back Yoke
Do you have a back shoulder dart?  Would you like to see how to transfer it into a shoulder yoke?  One of the newest free videos from Sure-Fit Designs will show you how.  One of our SFD customers did exactly that and was kind enough to send photos of her finished vest.  Then another customer asked if I would produce a short video explanation.  It's a simple process and you'll see the full instruction details on this video.  Just click through from this link, then scroll down the page until you come to D.24 - How to transfer and design a Back Shoulder Dart into a Back Yoke . Please click here

More new videos are coming.  Watch for:
  • Perfecting the Dart
  • Adding a Dart to a Dartless bodice
FaceBook Sure-Fit Designs Users Group.  We have recently established a new FaceBook Users Group for all our SFD customers who would like to participate.  Ladies from all over the world are interacting, asking questions, and showing off their SFD creations.

I invite you to participate and join the SFD community.  All you need is a FB page and you can request to join.  We will approve you.  Click Here!

All thanks for this go to another SFD customer, Chris Dahl, who thought this would be a great way for SFD customers to ask their questions and show their work.  To Chris, and my office assistant Kelly, go my sincere thanks, for they are the ones who got it all up and functioning.

There could well be someone in your geographical area that you can connect'll never know until you join.

We welcome all of you!
Just click here - to join.
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