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August 5th, 2013 at 11:00 pm EDT
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August 2013
Many of our SFD sewing friends willingly share their designing experiences and valuable tips that they've discovered along the way (as you've likely read in the Sure-Fit Designs Blog).  One of our SFD seamstresses, Sara ( decided that for her comfort level and her highly organized mind, she wanted to index the entire SFD system making it easier to find a specific design detail for future pattern-making.

With this SFD SUPER INDEX, finding the relevant information is extremely easy.
Want to design and sew a princess line garment?  Just turn to D-32 (Dress Kit, Page 32).
Or how about pleated pants?  Just turn to P-26 (Pants Kit, Page 26). 
And the list goes on....

Sara offers instructions on how to use the index, a Source Key, an Info Key, and an SFD Kits Summary.  She is to be commended for her thoroughness and her generosity in sharing this with all of you.

You find the SFD SUPER INDEX by clicking on the link directly below.  From here, there's one more click to the INDEX which is in a download PDF file.  Please be patient while this file downloads into your computer.

And that's not all...check out the new article in the Article Library - Drawing the upper thigh dart/wedge.

Sure-Fit Designs

Get your copy! Sara has developed the Sure-Fit Designs™ SUPER INDEX and is so graciously willing to share her results with all of you.  All the SFD kit instruction books, Fashion Leaflets, new designing books, and e-Patterns have been indexed for your easy reference.  No need to wonder where to find a particular designing idea - just check the SUPER INDEX and head directly to the information. Click Here SFD SUPER INDEX »
New Article:
Drawing the upper thigh dart/wedge
Baggies under the butt? There's always more than one way to 'skin a cat' as the old saying goes. (Cat lovers, please don't take offense). This new article on how to remove baggies from under your buttocks, is one alternative solution.  If you have this situation occurring with your pants, you may want to try this minor tune-up. Upper thigh dart/wedge »
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