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February 25th, 2018 at 7:00 am EST
Monthly Makes
Sure-Fit Designs Inspiration

Hello there sewing friends! It’s Anna from Canada.  I hope you are all having a great month!
So much is happening with Sure-Fit Designs.  This month we started the year-long Sewing & Design Challenge 2018.  If you haven't downloaded the free project planner, please go to this page to learn more and participate to win prizes.  Post your finished garment photo to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest - just use Hashtag #sfdchallenge2018.

We have over 170 participants registered!  Why don't you join the fun, get organized, get inspired & sew along?
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I would like to share with you a question that we receive over and over again:
“What should be my first easy project?”
If you have finished fitting your bodice blueprint I always recommend to start with an easy sleeveless blouse or tank top design. For those of you beginners this is a great project.
This is a great project to get you started because it’s fast, and a great blouse to use anywhere.
If you prefer to follow step-by-step instructions on how to create tank top, you can also purchase the Fashion Leaflet
We have been receiving tons of makes and I would like to share a couple with you this month:
Rayette Casiano is from Alaska she made this beautiful gown for her daughter.  You'll see the prototype on the left and the SFD version on the right.  Didn't she do a fabulous copy job?
This is Rayette’s top advice:
“We currently live in Fairbanks, Alaska. My daughter saw the dress online and I posted it on the Sure-Fit Designs Facebook group to get advice. 
Because we were pressed for time, we used a commercial pattern as a guide although now I realize I could have drafted it myself just as easily. 
I referenced the "Fitting Commercial Patterns" video in the SFD to adjust it to my daughter's measurements. Then she cut it out and began to sew. Meanwhile, I constructed the pattern for the back and helped sew that portion. 
I followed the advice from the SFD Facebook group and added elastic to the border of the back facing to keep it in place. 
That is the crucial step that I would recommend to everyone who wants to avoid wardrobe malfunction.
I have never had a dress fit that well, especially in the dart area. I am "sew" glad I am part of the Sure-Fit Designs community.”

We also received photos from Charlotte Cook from Victoria Corner, New Brunswick Canada
Charlotte Cook - Canada
Charlotte says: “I would watch the shoulder width next time. I would narrow it a bit, but this is the first time with the Children's Kit, and I didn't have time to do a muslin, so I was pleased with how it turned out.” 
Maria Fiona - Grandchildren Sewing
Maria Fiona has been having fun with the Children’s kit. She has been sewing lots for her grandchildren.
Great job Rayette, Charlotte and Fiona, your makes look amazing!!!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s makes. And don’t forget to send us your makes to and inspire seamstresses all over the world!
Happy sewing!!
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