Subject: Fun, informative, newest Leggings Video - the new casual pant

Latest Leggings Video
Leggings are the new casual pant sayeth some fashion experts.
Women of all ages are enjoying the comfort of leggings.

When they fit and are worn with the appropriate style of top (for your figure shape), you too can enjoy the comfort of leggings.
Leggings Videos
Our latest Sure-Fit Designs Leggings video show you how to draw the easy-to-sew Leggings pattern without a side seam.

To watch the video, click here for Leggings.  Scroll down the page.  You'll see 2 videos on this page.  The first one informs about the stretch fabric required for designing and sewing leggings. It's the older of the 2 videos.

The second video is the newest one showing details for drawing the leggings without a side seam.

If you want to see the videos in a larger screen format, just simply click on the title bar and you'll be transported to our YouTube channel - surefitdesigns.

They are super easy and extremely quick to sew - only 3 seams, a waist elastic and a hem.  Voila, you're done!
Video: Leggings without a Side Seam

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