Free Fashion Leaflet-Customer Appreciation Gift-July Newsletter

July 9th, 2013 at 11:00 pm EST
Customer Appreciation Gift
July Newsletter
Sure-Fit Designs - Free Fashion Leaflet
'Where oh where have the buttons gone?
You are our valued customers!
Because we at Sure-Fit Designs value your ongoing support and your enthusiasm for fitting and sewing with the Sure-Fit Designs fitting system, this Fashion Leaflet is totally complimentary.

I've called it
'Where oh where have the buttons gone?'  Why?  This center front treatment totally covers the button and buttonhole extensions.  If buttoned to the top, the buttons are totally hidden in this symmetrical center front pleat treatment.
Free Fashion Leaflet »
Where oh where have the buttons gone?
Kelly shows you 'Where, oh where have the buttons gone?'. This center front pleat treatment can be applied to the center front of either the Sure-Fit Designs Dress or Shirt Kit. That choice is yours. Free Fashion Leaflet >>
Close-up of center front pleat treatment
Enjoy your gift! The collar and collar stand are totally detachable and though the Fashion Leaflet doesn't go into these details, the patterns for the collar and stand are taken from the Shirt Kit Master Patterns. Enjoy your gift! >>