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May: Fitting the Big 4

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may 2011 newsletter

Welcome to May…if it’s spring in your part of the world, hopefully it has arrived!  It’s been a wet one in Oregon.

This month I’m focusing on Fitting the Big 4 with SFD.  Many of you have asked about how to fit commercial patterns, so here it is.  You’ll want to follow through the links to watch the videos and read the tips.

PS. Make sure to download the email images then listen as I introduce May and Fitting the Big 4.

What' New?


New Video Series – Fitting Commercial Patterns

There are 4 new videos to help you get started fitting your stash of commercial patterns.  Follow this link: Click Here.  Make sure you watch the General Guidelines first then proceed to the 3 examples.  Click Here.


Tips ‘n Techniques – Fitting Commercial Patterns

Make sure you read the general information provided in this article.  It will help to shed light on the entire process.  Click Here.  

Resources for Fitting the Big 4

1.    See page 48 of the current Dress Instruction Book.  For older kits, see the pink 4-pg. leaflet within your kit – Fitting Commercial Patterns
2.    The instructional DVD (2 hr.) – see the last 10 minute segment
3.    New video series – Click here

Transcript of April Chat

If you haven’t yet had time to read the transcript from the complimentary April Live Chat – here’s the link.  Click Here.  Hopefully you can join me on the next one.  It was lively, with excellent questions.  We had about 40 participants from literally all over the world!  Thank you for taking the time to join in.


Skype Address:

Remember, you can always Skype me with any questions...I'm here...and always happy to help! Skype address. This is going to make it so much easier for me to actually ‘see’ some of the questions you might have. 

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Happy Sewing...


'Just use Sure-Fit Designs
and be Sure of the Fit!'


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Video Welcome


First, download the images within this email. (Or you can click directly within the box above.) Then, when you click the forward arrow it will open up a new screen.  Click the arrow again and let the video load.  It will then begin playing.  When done, click the 'X' to close the screen - you will be returned to this email message.

A Carousel of Customer Creations

Many of you have provided photos of your SFD creations - Thank you!  I have created a scrolling image carousel of your contributions.  Take a moment to view what others have sewn with Sure-Fit Designs.  I invite you to submit your photos as the images will change from time to time as you donate your creations.

Click here.

Answering Your Questions...

You've all asked some excellent questions.  In response to yet a few more...see the next 2 topics.


1. How to Preserve your final Body Blueprint

Once you are happy with the fit of either your pant, bodice, skirt or shirt blueprint/sloper, re-draw it on something more stable, like heavy-weight Pellon. This becomes your ‘Preserved Final Version’.  Make sure you mark the date and your measurements on it.  If your body changes weight more than plus/minus 10 lb. then you should consider re-drawing your body blueprint.

2. Drawing New Designs from your Body Blueprint

When drawing a new design from your SFD body blueprint, lay tracing vellum over top of your ‘Preserved Final Version’.  Simply trace a ‘working copy’ of your body blueprint.   Then begin drawing your new design details.  This eliminates having to re-draw your sloper over with each new design.


May Web Site Special

With any Dress or Pant Kit Combo + DVD, receive the Designer's Companion totally FREE.

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New Videos

SFD Customer Comments

May Special

You've all been asking for this advice in working with your Commercial Patterns.  Here are 4 new videos for your benefit.  It will take a little getting used to, but realize that  SFD can be an excellent resource for you for all your fitting needs.


SFD How-To Video Series - Fitting Commercial Patterns




See Links Above.

A Customer Comment...

I have been focusing on fit for several years and think I've become pretty good at it. However, I have to tell you, this is the best fit I have ever gotten on the first try.  The only tweaks I needed were to narrow the shoulder seam (user error in measuring) and an alteration for sloping shoulders. Too bad I can't really wear this dress sloper out in public. It looks great on me!

In the mean time, I have two shirt dresses and two sheath dresses in the works. Then on to the pants sloper. Again thanks for such an excellent product. It will be used for many years to come.

Carolyn O'Bryan-Miller


May SFD Special

With any Dress or Pant Kit Combo + DVD, receive the Designer's Companion totally FREE.

To receive this special, it must be ordered from the Specials page on the SFD website.


 Specials page 



See Link Above.