Subject: Build your own Discounted Combo - Happy Mother's Day from Sure-Fit Designs

Happy Mother's Day!
3-Days to Build Your Own Combo from Sure-Fit Designs and SAVE!
Sure-Fit Designs offers many discounted Combo choices, but maybe not with the specific items you'd like to have.  Now is your opportunity to choose the products you specifically want - we'll call it a 'Combo' and you save.  (Already discounted Combos do not apply)
Build Your Own Combo
Sure-Fit Designs
Join our 3-day Build Your Own Combo Event!
May 7, 8 & 9, 2021
If our existing Combos don't meet your specific sewing needs, now is your opportunity to 'Build Your Own Combo' and save.
(**Already discounted Combos do not apply**)

We recommend you choose a minimum of one item from the following categories:

Spend $100.00 or more - SAVE 15%
at Checkout - use Coupon Code BYC15

Simply go to:

(**Already discounted Combos do not apply**)
Choose one or more of our Pattern Kits.
Combine the pattern kits that best meet your fitting and sewing needs for you and for your entire family. Click Here for Pattern Kits
(**Already discounted Combos do not apply**)
SFD Essential Tools
Every 'Combo' needs a Designing Stylus (unless you already have one).  And Tracing Vellum is a must for drawing your personal patterns.  But of course, the choice is always yours.
**(Already discounted Combos do not apply)
SFD DVD Courses/Tutorials
The DVD tutorials offer such valuable information.  For beginners, I recommend the Introductory How-To DVD, but if you already have it, choose any other DVD to augment your video library.

**(Already discounted Combos do not apply)
International Sure-Fit Designs Distributors
Please see the individual distributors links below for their specific Combo offers.  Details, minimums and conditions may vary in each country.
UK/Ireland/EU -
If you're in the UK/Ireland/EU, go to for Judith's Combo suggestions
If you're in Canada, go to
for Anna's Combo suggestions.
If you're in Australia or NZ, go to
for Martha's Combo suggestions.
South Africa
If you're in South Africa, go
for Elsabe's Combo suggestions.
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