Subject: Breaking News - Live Event with Glenda the Good Stitch

Hello to all of you new to Sure-Fit Designs!

  • Live Event - November 15 is the date!

  • 1PM (Pacific) is the time!

  • Private YouTube link is the place!

  • $20. is the Registration fee - which you receive back in Registration Gifts...see below!

  • Questions? Ask the Good Stitch in the live chat!

  • Join Glenda the Good Stitch now! CLICK HERE.

See so many different designs you can design and sew from your 'body blueprint'. The sky's the limit!


Registration Gifts?

1. Immediate downloadable Measuring Guide

2. Immediate downloadable Designing Guide

3. Basic Blouse Design Along ($9.95 value) from our streaming video Academy.

4. Free Shipping Coupon for purchase of any products/Combo (totally $50 or more)


5. Special Event Combo will be available for registered participants.

Participants from other countries, see links below:

USA: Register & shop at

So Africa: Register & shop at

UK/Ireland/EU: Register & shop at

Canadians: Register & shop at


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