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February - Just Released!

the new 
Sure-Fit Designs Blog

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february 2012 newsletter

Announcing the new fitting/sewing blog:  the Sure-Fit Designs Blog

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What's New?


the New SFD Blog...

Fun - Informative - Humorous - Educational...You won't want to miss it.  After much organization and planning, the new Sure-Fit Designs (SFD) Blog is ready for your participation.

I encourage you to click through and browse the entries. 

This blog is primarily devoted to fitting techniques with Sure-Fit Designs, plus topics on pattern designing as well as sewing construction. Read short, concise, impact-filled blog entries that leave you wanting to read more.

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Meet (beginner) Rebecca...

Rebecca is a novice seamstress in both sewing as well as fitting.  Rebecca was given a sewing machine, but really didn't know much about using it.  As she learned a few sewing skills and tried simple patterns, she realized that fit was going to be one of her biggest stumbling blocks. In her search to find patterns that would fit her, she discovered Sure-Fit Designs.  Many of the blog entries will be about 'Rebecca's Journey' into fitting and the obstacles she faces both in fitting and in sewing.

You'll want to 'stay tuned' as her journey makes multiple twists and turns with surprising results.

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When you open the SFD Blog Home page, you'll have the option to subscribe.  I encourage you to do so. Scroll down the page.  In the left-hand column.  You'll see Topics, The SFD Works Combo photo, the Blog Archive, and then the window 'Follow by Email'.  Simply enter your primary email address and click Submit.  This will ensure that every time a blog is posted, you will receive an email notification.

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Happy Sewing...


'Just use Sure-Fit Designs
and be Sure of the Fit!'


Sure-Fit Designs



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Subscribers to the 'old' blog...

If you previously subscribed to the old 'GetAmazingFit' Blog, please re-subscribe to the new SFD Blog.  All previous blogs from 2010/2011 have been archived in the new blog - nothing is lost.  FYI -no more entries will be posted in the 'old' blog.

Your First Sewing Memories...

As Rebecca struggles with learning sewing construction as well as fitting, it should remind all of us what our first sewing experiences were. 

I invite you to submit your first memory of either a sewing project or a sewing event that was significant in your learning process.  It could be something humorous, something you're proud of, something you learned, a mistake that you'll never make again but can laugh about now (we've all had those)!

Please email your story/recollection of the project or event.  I'd love to post them on this new blog.  We all can comment and learn from one another.  If you have any photos or funny cartoons or a current personal photo, please submit them too - a picture is worth a thousand words!

Please submit to

Google Language Translate...

Every page of the Sure-Fit Designs website, now has a Google Language Translation window on it.  I hope our international customers will find this valuable tool.  It's at the bottom of the left-hand navigation links.


Web Site Special -  both Designing Books - Combination Offer

Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply (with DVD)


Beyond Bodice Basics (with DVD)

Special $47.95 & S+H (Reg. 52.90)

To receive this special, it must be ordered from the Specials page on the SFD website.

Skype Address:

Remember, you can always Skype me with any questions...I'm here...and always happy to help! Skype address. This is going to make it so much easier for me to actually ‘see’ some of the questions you might have.




SFD How-To Video

SFD Customer Comments

 Website Special

Video #62

How to Identify and Measure your Shoulder Length


SFD Measuring:

Whether for the Dress or Shirt kit patterns, try this technique for identifying your shoulder location.  Click Here
Then, just scroll to the bottom of this page to watch this video.

A Customer Comment...

I Have Been Totally Blown Away!

I drafted a bodice, made a toile, re-measured myself correctly...I could never understand why the waist had to be measured using a piece of I know...I was absolutely excited about the fit!

Working with the SFD Designing Stylus was a breeze.  It's so easy to understand and use.  I'm simply blown away with the simplicity of this fitting system.

I'm so impressed with these patterns.

L. Shorten. - Australia

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Both new Designing Books:
Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply & Beyond Bodice Basics
 (Reg. $52.90)- Special = $47.95.

To receive this special, it must be ordered from this page on the SFD website.