Subject: Episode #6: Leading Change: How to go from Good to Great

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In this episode, we'll share our thoughts on leading change, drawn from real-world experiences and insights. We'll talk about the critical skills needed to make change work for you. Moreover, the importance of moving quickly to improve change effectiveness while balancing the push and pull of inspiration and motivation. You'll understand the significance of leveraging perspective and opportunity to cultivate the Good to Great change agent thinking within you and your team.

“What separates people is not the presence or absence of difficulty, but how they deal with the inevitable difficulties of life.”
― Jim Collins

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Are you a professional with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and qualifications? Despite your expertise, you find yourself struggling to achieve the desired results in your business or career and your current lifestyle isn’t fulfilling.

You’ve invested substantial time, money, and energy trying to build or grow your business, yet you’re overwhelmed by confusion and fear. You lack the confidence and self-belief needed to propel your career forward effectively. At times, you may even contemplate giving up and searching for something else instead.

Despite doing everything you can, you struggle to grow your business, smoothly transition your career, or feel personally fulfilled. The day-to-day shifts are overwhelming, leaving you drained and discouraged.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurial business owners, sales leaders, and professionals achieve those results over the past 18 years. I'm here to help you get results: faster, better, easier.

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