Subject: Need a better Brain Bucket Carrier? PIG's New BBC-2 now available!

NEW Patrol Incident Gear BBC-2 Helmet Bag

Patrol Incident Gear is pleased to introduce the BBC-2 Helmet Bag, a fully padded, full-featured carry case for your Helmet. The PIG BBC-2 Helmet Bag was based on a PIG lab design from years back, and we recently brushed off the dust and upgraded a few features to bring it to market. 
The project name "BBC" was an abbreviation for "Brain Bucket Carrier", which is based on the old GI slang for a helmet. 
The PIG BBC-2 features:
  • Fully padded design
  • Quick & Easy Drawstring Closure
  • External Accessory Pockets (2)
  • Sturdy Carry Handle
  • Large Loop fastener field for Patches/Name Tape
  • Integrated ID Window with Hook & Loop Closure
  • Made in USA
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S.O.Tech Go Bag

Built as a survival bag for Americas elite special operations forces, the S.O.Tech Go Bag is cylindrically shaped for easy access and extraction from a downed aircraft or burning Humvee. It fits perfectly in the spaces that exist in a helicopter or Humvee, which are too small for a ruck, but could be a great storage site for an E&E bag.


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