Subject: Ready, Set, Bill! Doing More With What We Have

Dear Colleagues,

The Region II STD TAC is pleased to announce the launch of the STD TAC Action Alert. This periodic email will keep STD programs informed about expert opinion, best practices, and lessons learned from STD programs who are working toward enhancing or implementing systems to bill and be reimbursed for providing STD-related services.

Across the nation, State and Local Health Department programs that have contracts and systems in place to bill third party payers for the provision of immunization and HIV services have been exploring ways to leverage these systems to bill for providing STD-related services. Their work to prepare for billing has focused around addressing the 10 Essential Activities listed below.

We thank you for your continued partnership and look forward to supporting your clinic achieve its billing and reimbursement goals.


The Region II STD TAC Team at CAI

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