Subject: You Gave Hundreds of Smiles, Part 2 of 4

Happy New Year's Eve Day

Latest from Lukaya

While at school to get their gifts, students also received the notice about the reopening of school on January 10! Mustard Seed students happily anticipate that day and the new school year! It has been two years without regular school for most of them. We look forward to sharing photos of students on campus dressed in new uniforms soon.

The Ugandan school calendar for 2022 was finally published, and it looks very similar to other years. It seems the Government decided to give up on trying to squeeze four school years into three calendar years. Generally, students will be moving up a level after spending two years in a grade with little instruction.



Three thousand baby chicks were delivered to the new poultry house last week. It will be great to have the students back in school to help with their care and learn about poultry rearing.

High Mountain Dining Terrace

 Students and staff will soon have a good place to eat. For years, they have been finding a spot wherever they can. Often they get wet or overly heated from too much sun. Our new dining shelter, located close to the kitchen, has been designed to fit in with the environment and protect from rain and sun. The architect chose the construction materials, orientation, and design to minimize environmental impact. It will be a unique structure, which we expect to be ready before the rains come in February. The pic below shows the process of laying the foundation.

Thank You!

Response to the year-end appeal has been terrific. Our $15,000 matching challenge was matched as of yesterday. Our goal is getting very close, and we look forward to 2022 with hope and encouragement. It will be a year of great growth because of you. We are so very grateful for your caring and generosity.

Members of High Mountain Presbyterian Church (Franklin Lakes, NJ) have given support in many ways! The latest is a big gift from the congregation toward constructing the dining terrace described above. We are so grateful for this improvement to the campus.

More smiles– heading back home. Thank you!

Just for fun–

Last month, our 'Ugandanese' phrase was, "I'll give you a push."

Giving a push is a common custom at the end of a friend's visit. Hadijjah rode with me (gave me a push) to the airport where she and George insisted on helping me with my luggage all the way to the Covid screening tent–where they were not allowed. She could have said goodbye on the road between Kampala and Entebbe where she lives, but she wanted to provide companionship as long as possible which, of course, I enjoyed.

We've had the experience of being given a push all the way back to our apartment by friends. Then, we needed to give at least a short push in their direction. This could go on and on to the point that no one would ever get home 😊. Ugandans are such lovely people.

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