Subject: Greener, Cleaner, Healthier

Greener, Cleaner, Healthier

Ugandan students lost at least a year of learning over the two years of the pandemic. Younger students lost even more; they were out of school for 22 months. Thanks to you, Mustard Seed's care for students and families was not lost. Modeling excellence in Education, Health, Conservation, and Sustainability continued but with some adjustments.

Other schools in the area shut down completely: cows grazed on the playgrounds, facilities deteriorated, and faculty were on their own to find a way to feed their families. In contrast, Mustard Seed's campuses were greener, more well-organized, and more productive than ever.

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Latest from Lukaya

Our sustainability expert, Rehema, organized the school staff to plant bananas, pineapples, and medicinal herbs during Covid, and now it's time for reaping. The picture above shows matoke, the favorite food in central Uganda. Like plantain, it will be cooked and mashed by the school cooks to be served at a special lunch.

The leaves of Artemisia annua are dried and made into tea. Students drink the herbal tea weekly to prevent malaria.

The second of three school terms began in early May, meaning sports competitions for both primary and secondary schools are coming up soon. Mustard Seed is fielding three netball teams (girls), two volleyball teams, and two football (boys soccer) teams. Unlike most other schools, Mustard Seed held practices during 2021. Our students are ready to excel.


In addition to the big enterprises of poultry, fish, and cows, some smaller projects are being developed. Two of those are improving the health and hygiene of the school.

Rehema and her team have been busy making cough syrups from the Mustard Seed herbal gardens. The syrups are cheaper, but they are also better than those bought at the pharmacies. They have immune-building ingredients. Students and staff have benefitted, with less illness and fewer visits to the clinic.

When soap prices doubled in three months, our Ugandan leaders suggested making our own, which delighted us. Many of you supported the idea and donated over $2000. Liquid soap was ready quickly for use at the hand-washing stations and for doing dishes. The bar soap was made at the same time, but it needed to cure for 1-2 months. The first soap bars are being distributed now, and we are getting exciting messages from the team in Uganda. Who knew that soap could be so exciting? Because of your generous response, staff and students will make more soap each month. Some will become soap-makers extraordinaire and will go on to develop their own enterprises. 

What was a crisis has become an opportunity and blessing thanks to your rapid and generous response!

What's Up?

Plans for a fall trip are still in the early stages, but it's not too early for sponsors to send letters, cards, photos, and small items to Real Partners Uganda for students. Click here for ideas about communicating with your sponsored child. We will be in Lukaya for the Candidates' Blessing and Celebration. We enjoy handing out success cards to the P-7 and S-4 candidates but not as much as the students enjoy receiving them.

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Thank You!

 Mustard Seed Nursery School Baby Class showing off their adorable, handmade dolls.

Two kind-hearted and clever women in California, Elvira Stedman and Bertha Valbuena, made the 'Comfort Dolls' for Ugandan children. The knitters are sisters to Irma Dimmier of Holmdel, NJ. In an episode of 'small-world,' another New Jersey woman, Sylvia Allen, and her organization, Sylvia's Children, support a primary school only fifty miles from Lukaya. Sylvia wanted to share the bounty with Real Partners Uganda, and I was the courier in February. Headteacher Sylvia said the dolls were perfect for the little ones – soft, washable, durable, and unique. The joy on the day the children received them was off the chart. THANK YOU, ELVIRA, BERTHA, IRMA, and SYLVIA!! After 22 months of no school and no fun, such happiness means so much.  

The William C. Bullitt Foundation aims to help economically and socially disadvantaged children and families achieve the tools necessary to lead independent and productive lives. For twelve years, Real Partners Uganda has received annual grants to support the general operations of Mustard Seed Academy. The impact has been enormous! And we are immensely grateful.

THANK-YOU is too small a word to express the depth of gratitude felt on both sides of the ocean!

Just for fun– did you know?

Over the last few months, we featured some words and phrases with meanings unique to Uganda. This month, for a change, we're sharing a proverb:

A problem shared is half solved.

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