Subject: Essential. Urgently needed. Oh so expensive – SOAP

The Price of Soap

Like everywhere, prices have shot through the roof in Uganda. We are grateful for the vegetables, eggs, poultry, and milk produced on the school property. These things keep up good nutrition while beating inflation.

But, what to do about soap?  The long bars that you see pictured above are used for bathing babies, washing dishes, doing laundry, and cleaning anything else that needs it. Pieces are cut off the bar to make hand-sized bars. It is rare to see detergent or liquid cleaning products.

IN FEBRUARY, when I was in Uganda, a long bar of soap (one- kilogram) cost 5000 Ugandan Shillings or $1.45. It was the most expensive thing in my shopping basket – costing more than a kilogram of rice or sugar. Today, it is 10,000 Shillings or $2.90! One hundred percent inflation in three months! And more than many Ugandans make in one day.

What's the cause? A combination of Covid-related challenges and new taxes imposed on crude palm oil by the Ugandan government. Crude palm oil is used in commercial soap making.

What's the solution? Make our own. Rehema, our sustainability specialist, has the equipment, knowledge, and skills. She is eager to share the craft while the school is on break. At the same time, students and staff can learn valuable skills. With basic soap-making mastered, students can develop artisan soaps with essential oils and specific purposes. By buying the ingredients in bulk, the cost per one-kilogram bar can be lowered to $2.

Soap is urgently needed.

Can you help? Your gift of $10, $20, $50, or more will keep kids and the school clean. It will also empower students with new skills.  

If donations exceed the need for soap-making, the extra will be used for other health and hygiene needs.

Thank you for your partnership!


Elaine Griswold, Executive Director

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P.P.S. Stay tuned for updates on the soap-making project and other school activities.

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