Subject: Trump or Biden : Climate Crisis is another Pandemic in Waiting.

Trump or Biden : Climate Crisis is another Pandemic in Waiting.

Does it really matter who wins the Election?

Planet has already lost it.

Biden is better than Trump when it comes to climate change? Was Clinton better than Bush? And was Obama better than Bush? The words, phrases, slogans, and talks do not mitigate emissions. A simple trace of the USA journey from 1997 to now reveals the real repair. Whoever wins, the planet gets defeated. The margins of the defeat would depend on who wins.

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Trump, WFP and Nobel Peace Prize

Hard Facts straight from Oven.

USA President Trump has supported the United Nations World Food Programme to the hilt. Since 2016 the USA’s contribution to WFP has increased by 58 pc. That constitutes nearly 40 pc of WFP’s total budget. Present Executive Director of WFP that won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize is a former Republican Governor of South Carolina, David Beasley, nominated by Trump.

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Kem chho, planet earth?

Modi and Trump must Ask each other.

A decade ago, Modi had the unenviable status of being the only leader from the largest democracy to be denied a visa by the oldest democracy for the reasons of the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) and then a decade later to be invited with honor for addressing a joint sitting of the US Congress. Modi and Trump have missed joint sitting for a climate deal.

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Mental Rift and Continental Rift:

Impacts of Climate Change.

A study released by the American Psychological Association (APA) says that climate change takes a significant toll on mental health. The loss of personal and professional identity, loss of a sense of control, feelings, fear, and fatalism. Climate change can lead to stress that can build over time and eventually lead to stress-related problems such as substance abuse and depression. Did not we already witness this transformation among the leaders of superpowers and even among us who elect them?

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What Al Gore thought of Trump

When Trump renounced the climate treaty.

In 1997, Al Gore, then the Vice President of the United States, helped forge the first climate change treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, promising the rest of the world that the United States would lead the fight against global warming. That did not happen. When President Trump dissociated from the Paris Climate Agreement, the New York Times Interviewed Nobel Laureate, Al Gore. Here is the curious track.

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Trump likes this Climate Treaty

Find out which.

While President Trump is walking out of the hard-negotiated Paris Climate Agreement, surprisingly he has decided to support this treaty that represents full blast action against climate change. His administration has even promised to take nearly a 25 % share of funding of over half a billion dollars pledged by the developed countries to provide to the developing countries.

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