Subject: Nobel laureate Molina left us with right message.

Nobel laureate Molina left us with right message.

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Spinning-wheel-diplomacy for a change?

Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler.

These two leaders can prevent or trigger a major war. Here is how. Consider what Mahatma Gandhi wrote to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the heat of WWII. He perfectly knew that Hitler is brute force and writing a letter to him was naïve. However, as a non-violent resister, Gandhi felt duty-bound to appeal to Hitler because, as a human being, Hitler too had the capacity to distinguish truth from falsehood. 

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Yes, CORONA could be defeated.

Except that we forgot Manhattan.

The lesson from the Manhattan Project is definitely not about the developing and dropping of atomic bombs to defeat the enemy. The real lesson is about the global partnership and strong collaborative actions to defeat a formidable enemy with focused speedy and accelerated actions. That exactly is needed today to defeat the COVID19.

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Dr Shende @ Ethnic Media, USA.

Climate and Health: Two Pandemics.

Common But Differentiated Responsibility and their Respective Capability ( CBDR-RC) is now an accepted principle, for the moral-justice. CBDR says those who polluted the most due to their indiscriminate consumption should now pay to those who did not pollute. Unfortunately, those who did not pollute, suffer the most. Those are poor people and countries. In the case of the Paris Climate Agreement, it is a matter of Climate Justice.

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Mario Molina is No more. What remains?

Lessons from Ozone Layer Depletion for COVID19.

Then came the bombshell. That was the alarm sounded by the scientists in 1974. They later won a Nobel prize. They are Mario Molina, F. Sherwood Rowland, and Paul Crutzen. It was like an alarm raised by Wuhan’s doctor Li in Dec 2019 on the new CORONA virus.  Mario Molina passed away on  7 Oct 2020. His message however would keep ringing in our galaxy, ‘lack of precautionary action based on early scientific warnings can lead to the planetary crisis”.

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Re-Engineering the future.

Mainstreaming SDGs - Dr Rajendra Shende on Engineers’ Day.

Engineering today is not about mortar and bricks to build bridges and dams. It is about building the future with bricks of digital technology and mortar of algorithms. It is about establishing links between Technology and SDGs. It is about building highways leading to self-reliant countries. That's the message on the birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr.M Visvesvaraya, an engineer who was known as ‘ Builder of  India’.

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