Subject: Dedicated to memory of Mario Molina

Dedicated to memory of Mario Molina

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Mario Molina goes beyond Stratosphere

The scientist who dared

We were unknowingly thinning our own life-protector. Was it suicide? Yes, but by being blinded for profits! However, humanity was saved in time. It was because Mario dared to bring forward the story. “Phasing down CFCs and related fluorinated gases has avoided more climate warming than carbon dioxide till now. Mario remained deeply involved until his last days,” said Durwood Zaelke.

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Relearning the Forgotten Lessons

And success stories have plenty.

The story started in the decade of the 1970s. A dozen men had already landed on the moon. There was an exhilarating mood all around the planet. Science was riding high. Then came the bombshell. Abrupt, Loud, and piercing. Like the new CORONA virus. Luckily, science took the front line and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) deployed its convening power.

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Sensationalism puts media in a planetary crisis

Related Ozone story

Media is considered to be a ‘moral watchdog’ of society. There is widespread anxiety during 2020, a year of the pandemic that in reporting analyzing, and expressing, sensationalism seems to be literally ‘breaking’ the news as well as ‘breaking’ the soul of the fourth pillar of democracy, as media was called for the first time in 18th century in the House of Commons in Great Britain.

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Paul Newman, NASA’s Chief Scientist

Seven years back this was his advice

Don’t lose focus. First, we need to continue to watch the stratosphere to understand if our policies are working. Second, we need to maintain the provisions of the Montreal Protocol in order to ensure the recovery. Third, we need to start looking at the individual impacts of climate compounds, including HFCs. They may not affect ozone directly, but they will change the stratosphere, and therefore the ozone layer.

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World Ozone Day 2019, celebrating the success

Treaty that for 32 years was healing the climate

‘32 Years and Healing’ was the theme of 2019 World Ozone Day -or International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer to be precise. Over three decades of international cooperation to protect the ozone layer under the Montreal Protocol have succeeded by setting the stratospheric Ozone Layer on the recovery path. Media India Group spoke to Rajendra Shende, Chairman, TERRE Policy Centre, and former director at UNEP

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