Subject: 3A for 2C : Action, Ambition, Acceleration for Climate Crisis.

3A for 2C : Action, Ambition, Acceleration for Climate Crisis.

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Carbon Neutrality at the Educational Institutes

Sowing the future and planting the youth.

December 12, 2020, marked the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement. It is also the year when the annual UN global meeting did not take place since 1992, due to COVID. Paradoxically, each year since 1992 the world has witnessed a rise in the concentration of carbon dioxide except in 2020. Did the climate-friendly year of 2020 teach us illusive lessons? Do we need to lockdown to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement?

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Did we really avert World War III?

Or it is already on?

Today the global Greenhouse Gas Emissions are 62 per cent higher than in 1992 when the plan of reining the emissions was agreed by all the countries at the Earth Summit. Consequently, temperature and sea level have also gone up. Extreme climatic events have become more frequent, more intense, and more pervasive. Be it wildfire, polar ice melting, terrorism, refugee crisis, and even pandemics all are linked to climate change. The War on Nature is on.

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Lockdown: a perfect time to unlock

Unleashing the unsustainable lifestyle

There is a strong linkage between climate change and global peace. Role of climate change as a serious threat to national as well as global security is now evident. The present pandemic has given us time to reflect on changing not only untenable lifestyles but moving steadily towards the world of sustainable production and consumption. A low-carbon economy and carbon-neutral living and climate-friendly social life is the way forward to achieve SDG3.

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Building back better after COVID19.

Action on Climate will be the key

We all are struggling to ‘Build Back Better’ future leaving behind 2020. Many would prefer to forget what the world went through but let us not forget the lessons. CORONA virus can itself ‘ build back better’ and shock us again. But apart from that, there is yet another pandemic waiting to strike. Climate Change! But there are opportunities to seize and actions to take. To arrest the temperature rise to 2 deg C, the world can unleash its potential.

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Howdy Modi? Americans asked a year back.

‘Howdy planet Earth’ is the question today.

India has been among the top 10 climate performers in last two successive years while Trump’s campaign started in 2020 that the USA was also a star performer in climate regime having reduced emissions. But it is time to recall what UNEP’s Emission Gap report said that the pledges under Paris Climate agreement are grossly inadequate to meet the goal of limiting global warming by 2 deg C. Time to ask ‘Howdy Planet Earth’

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After COVID19 another Pandemic Waiting

CLIMA30. And there is Vaccine Waiting.

The shock of Pandemic in 2020 that changed everything, has left civilization denuded. But more severe catastrophe is building. It has the potential to erupt suddenly. That time hospitals would be inundated with water. In other regions, there will not be water to wash the hands. There would not be homes to go back and get lockdown. But there is the vaccine of ‘decarbonized economy’ and ‘net Zero’ emissions. It is ready with technologies. Why are we waiting?

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One can ban tik-tok. But not it's sound.

It is deafening. The clock has started ticking

The clock for SDGs has started ticking. The sound of tik-tok, tik-tok… is rhythmic. For me, it is terrifying and deafening. It is like the siren of the ambulance carrying the COVID19 patients to the hospital. We have to leave the way to that ambulance. The Earth resources are in ICU and on a ventilator. The speed is slowed down due to COVID19. Hence ‘acceleration’ is the only mantra to achieve the SDGs.

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Humans did not invent Refrigeration.

Nature did.

From cooling by naturally harvested ice to evaporative cooling by natural wind, human civilizations used natural processes to get cooled below ambient temperature. Then came industrial revolution when mechanical compressors, using steam as driving power, produced by fossil fuel started ‘vapour compression’ to begin ‘ refrigeration’. Today refrigeration through mechanical means is responsible for the climate crisis. It is time to go back to ‘naturopedia’ to find the answers to the climate emergency.

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WED can mean both. And both give a message.

World Environment Day and World Emergency Day.

State of the environment today is in a state of emergency. According to the UN, four out of 10 people globally are facing water scarcity. WHO states that annually seven million deaths occur due to indoor and outdoor air pollution. More than one million animal species are in the risk of extinction and that the rate of extinction of species today is hundreds of times more than the average rate over the last 10 million years ago.

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