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Presidents Corner                        March 1, 2016

This past week I spoke at Washington State University’s College of Nursing in Spokane. I was invited to share the role of nurse entrepreneurship in today’s healthcare environment. Hearing the lively discussion and interesting questions these students made after my presentation filled me with excitement for the future of our nursing profession. By the way, when researching Spokane, I learned that the number of people employed in the healthcare industry ranks 4th in the nation’s metropolitan areas. It’s a beautiful city so if you know of graduate nurses having difficulty finding a job, Spokane could be a great resource.
NNBA’s Business Advisory Board has completed reviewing the Speaker Submissions for our upcoming conference! I am looking forward to contacting all the speakers and setting the agenda for what many nurses say is a life changing conference. I want to sincerely thank the members on our advisory board for the contributions they make to the nurses in our association. Learn more about NNBA’s Business Advisory Board in this issue and the next issue’s Member Spotlight.
Negotiation language is not something we are taught during our nursing education and it is very important in business dealings. All nurses deal with business issues whether we are in the clinical or a business setting. Many of you will find the information valuable in the article The 5 Perks and Benefits You May Not Thought to Negotiate. Also, Richard Branson talks about Passion, Fun & Priorities and the need for some down time. Along those lines, make sure to check out the Relax and Renew Cruise and the Miraval Retreat for nurses below!
Get ready to register for NNBA's Signature Event this October 14 - 16th in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Registration will open in April!  Remember, NNBA membership saves you $100 on this conference!
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Years ago I had a consulting client who was a dentist. One day he called me into his office to look at a panoramic x-ray. The x-ray showed the usual sequence of molars, white against the opaque blackness of the film, but one of the teeth was about as round as a lollipop. Now I’m no dentist, but I know we don’t chew with teeth shaped like lollipops so, assuming it was a temporary crown that some poorly trained dental assistant had slapped on the tooth, I said, “Wow, who let the patient walk out with that temp on?”

Turns out it was not a temporary crown, it was a ceramic “permanent” crown that had been placed by another dentist and now the patient was in my client’s chair wanting to know why he was having problems with the tooth. My client was, justifiably, outraged.

Here’s one word to describe your first salary negotiation: intimidating.
It’s the first time in your life you’re being told what you’re worth. And you might even be told that you’re not worth the princely sum you thought. While this can feel like a kick to the stomach, consider this: One-third of millennials have taken a salary lower than what they expected, according to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

It’s not that you’re not valuable. "Some companies have more rigid salary structures," says Beth Carroll of the Society for Human Resource Management. This means there’s often more room for negotiating employee benefits and perks for incentives like additional training, health and wellness programs, and a flexible work schedule.
Achieving work-life balance is like walking a tightrope. Luckily, over numerous decades in business I have learned a number of tips on how to find equilibrium. Having put myself at the front and centre of the Virgin Group, the work side of my life has been well-documented publicly, but what exactly does the life side of the equation look like?

I don’t look at work as work and play as play; to me they are the same thing. If a new business opportunity or project doesn’t excite me and if it’s not something with which I can have a lot of seriously creative fun, then I’d rather pass on it and move right along. Life’s too short to waste your time doing things that don’t light your fire.

With this in mind, work for me these days is very different from when I started out with Virgin Records or entered into the airline industry with Virgin Atlantic.
NNBA Members Spotlight
The Members Spotlight in this issue and our next issue will highlight NNBA’s Business Advisory Board. The NNBA is fortunate to have these nurse leaders and experts serving and advancing our nurse membership. Each brings with them invaluable resources contributing to the NNBA being “The Voice of Nurse Entrepreneurship”.
Donna Cardillo, RN, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is The Inspiration Nurse. She travels the world helping women and healthcare professionals to be happy in their lives and careers and to reach their full potential. She does that as a keynote speaker, columnist, author, and cut-up. Her accomplished career combines over 25 years of clinical, managerial and business experience, not to mention her stint as a professional singer. Donna’s clinical experience includes emergency and psychiatric nursing. Donna holds a diploma in nursing, a BS in Health Care Management and an MA in Corporate and Public Communication. She is an Expert Blogger at, the original ‘Dear Donna’ columnist at, and former “Healthcare Careers Expert” at

Donna has twice been named Business Woman of the Year in New Jersey and has also received the coveted Athena Award, a national leadership award for women. Donna was designated a Diva in Nursing by the Institute for Nursing in NJ for outstanding achievements and excellence in practice. She has also been named one of 50 Best Women in Business by NJBIZ. Donna appears regularly on television and radio, is frequently quoted in newspapers and magazines and has published numerous articles. Donna has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and the Today show and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times on several occasions.

Nancy Brook is an Oncology Nurse Practitioner at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. A graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, and the University of San Francisco, she has Masters degrees in both Nursing and Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Nancy has more than twenty years of experience advocating for patients and their families and teaching and mentoring nurses. She is currently Adjunct Faculty at Rowan University, UCSF and Georgetown University. She has been a guest speaker at national conferences, a leader in patient advocacy initiatives, and improving service standards in healthcare and a published author. As a consultant she works with nurses and other health care professionals to create a more meaningful career and a healthier lifestyle. 
Dr. Louise Jakubik is a pediatric nursing and workforce development expert. She is a seasoned national speaker, consultant, and author dedicated to building and developing nurses in clinical practice and leadership. She is a leading authority on the pediatric nursing certification review process, pediatric laboratory interpretation, nursing career development and mentoring. In June of 2014 Louise received the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association; this is the highest international recognition for professional speakers. She is one of only fewer than 30 nurses in the world who have earned this designation.

Dr. Jakubik is the president, chief learning officer, and founder of Nurse Builders, a nursing consulting firm specializing in pediatric nursing education and practice. Dr. Jakubik is also the founder of the Nurse Mentoring Institute, an organization dedicated to preparing, supporting, and developing nurses and nursing organizations in the art, science, and wonder of mentoring. She has worked as a nurse entrepreneur and thought leader for over 10 years and in this role enjoys identifying and meeting gaps in the marketplace that are aligned with her unique talents and passion. She is excited to lend her expertise in mentoring to the NNBA’s Business Advisory Board and to assist in facilitating the spirit of mentoring nurses in business that is at the heart of the work for which NNBA is known.

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We want to help one of our members get the word out about Smiles for Kids Hospital Dolls, an Angel Investment opportunity. This program brings comfort, joy and some smiles to the sick and terminally ill children in the hospital units throughout the 50 states. For more information call Jim at 
(541) 294-4430 or Email:

The NNBA is not affiliated or responsible for the details of this opportunity.
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