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Presidents Corner           February 15, 2016

Midnight is the deadline after which we will no longer be accepting speaker’s proposals for #NNBA2016. I want to sincerely thank over 35 nurses and experts that sent in submissions! I am very excited to share this information with our business advisory board and look forward to announcing the speakers and topics. This event is a sure bet for nurses in Las Vegas! Mark your calendars for #NNBA2016 for October 14-16, 2016. Registration will be available in April!
Medicare and Worker’s Compensation Insurance provide many opportunities for nurses. I still continue to do a limited amount of work in WC for a client and I have worked in this market for over 20 years. It is a pleasure to introduce you to Denise Wrenn in this issue’s Member Spotlight. Denise is the owner of Denise Wrenn & Associates, Inc. and has current openings for RN Medical Record Review in Louisiana. If you are interested, click here:
We  nurses! Nurses that join the NNBA in the entire month of February will receive the best seller Unconventional Nurse: Going From Burnout to Bliss! The 10 Steps That Will Advance or Re-invent Your Nursing Career. This is absolutely FREE and the NNBA will take care of the shipping and handling costs. Remember, NNBA membership saves you $100 on our conference in Las Vegas in October!
Are you ready for massive success? Well, there is a wonderful article below on the 7 major steps to achieve it and it is one of my favorites. Interestingly, being able to deal with confrontation and uncertainty are part of achieving success and are the topics of the other two articles. Be good to yourselves, enjoy the articles and check the Cruise and Retreat information too!
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Articles of Interest
11 Ways to Handle Confrontation

Success Magazine
The Benefits Of Being Comfortable With Uncertainty

Fast Company
7 Major Steps for Achieving Massive Success

Entrepreneur Magazine
You probably hate confrontation just as much as the next guy, right? And it’s probably because: 
1) You’re scared that the conversation is going to be terribly awkward and so you put it on the backburner
2) You’re frustrated but don’t want to make a big deal of it and so you just bottle it up.

Well... and Listen Better
Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Neither option is good for handling

So what is the best way to hash out a problem? We asked the Young Entrepreneur Council, “What is your No. 1 tip for confronting adversity head on?” for some tips:
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When you travel to a new place or a large building like a museum, you often find yourself standing in front of a gigantic map of the area. That map often has a sticker on it that says, "You are here." There is something comforting about being able to locate yourself quickly on a map.

That comfort with knowing where you are applies to many other facets of your life as well. When you are working on a project, it is nice to have benchmarks that give you a sense of how close the project is to completion. In your career, it feels good to have a sense of your value to the organization you work for, and your likelihood of advancement.
The other day, a man in his early 20's approached me and asked me for advice. "Daniel, I'm a young and broke college student with two children. Could you show me what to do to become a millionaire?"

Without hesitation, I rebuked him for his question. "How dare you call yourself broke? Is that what you've been associating yourself with in the past few years? Is this the way you see yourself?"

"No sir, I just thought..." he murmured. I cut him off, "Look if you want to be rich, you cannot buy into a story of poverty. Even though your circumstances may seem unfavorable at the moment...
NNBA Members Spotlight
Denise W. Wrenn, BSN, RN, MSHA, CCM, 
Owner of Denise W. Wrenn & Associates, Inc.

Denise W. Wrenn, owner of a Louisiana-based Hudson Initiative Small Entrepreneur, is a Registered Nurse licensed in Louisiana and Texas. As an independent consultant, she is certified as a Life Care Planner, Case Manager, Workers’ Compensation, and Medicare Set-Aside Professional and as a Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist. Ms. Wrenn is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing from the University of Texas School of Nursing Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX and a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration from Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Denise has more than 25 years of combined nursing and professional experience in medical case management, legal nurse reviews, workers’ compensation administration, Medicare set-aside allocations, occupational health and safety, and worksite wellness services.

As a company, Denise W. Wrenn and Associates, Inc. offer services to Insurance Carriers, Third Party Administrators, Attorneys, and Self Insured Entities. Wrenn and Associates is a regional and national provider of Medicare Set Aside Allocations, Case Management, Life Care Plans, Medical Cost Projections, Legal Nurse Consulting/Reviews, Medical Record Audit Review, and Occupational Health Consulting services.

Learn more about Denise, visit her website:
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