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President's Corner
July 15, 2018
Dear Nurses,

Have you wondered how you could start your own business? How to create and take products to the marketplace? How social media, speaking, writing, and blogging can boost your business? How to find and monetize your niche? How to determine profitable Elder Care businesses? How to transition from clinical nursing, to case management and patient advocacy? How to successfully network and build your personal brand? How to expand your business, and develop additional income streams? These questions and more will be answered at NNBA 2018 Nurse Entrepreneurship and Career Alternatives Conference, taking place October 12 – 14th at the Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Facebook Video Livestreaming and Podcasting are growing in popularity and are fantastic ways to build your audience. Join Chioma Okeke and Keith Carlson for

Our Platinum Sponsor is Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy. Wendy Pickett’s breakout session is Making the Switch to Medical Aesthetics: Beyond Botox! Saturday’s Silver Sponsor is allnurses, Mary Watts and Beth Hawkes will be presenting From Nurse to Nurse Influencer. Sunday’s Silver Sponsor is CTFO, (Changing the Future Outcome). We will be welcoming Karen Apy back this year. Make sure to check out all of our sponsor’s ads below!

Pricing goes up in September, so make sure to register now! The NNBA Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference is less than 90 days away! Remember to contact the Westgate Resort & Casino to reserve your rooms at the discounted rate for the NNBA. Make reservations online by using the dedicated website available for NNBA participants: Up to 12 contact hours are available and  we have designed our programs to be Tax Deductible for most nurses. In the U.S., expenses to maintain and improve your business and professional skills are usually tax deductible. Please contact your tax advisor for further information.

Many nurses provide presentations on a variety of subject matter expertise. Enjoy the nurse business insider tips below on Power Point presentations, as well as some good laughs! Entrepreneurial nurses have heard the term passive income and how attractive making money while you sleep can be. Our first article of interest outlines 17 Passive Income Ideas and several of them will be covered live at NNBA2018 ConferenceSecrets of Self Discipline: How to Become Supremely Focused, gives us the tools needed to achieve our goals. 20 Life Lessons I Wished I learned 10 Years Earlier, conveys what is truly important. I believe as nurses, we are more aware of several of these life lessons and yet, I wish more nurses would apply numbers 19 and 20. By trying something new, you may find a whole new world.   
Unconventionally yours,

Nurse Business Insider Tip
By Michelle Podlesni

Presentations are often accompanied by Power Point Slides. Anyone asked to make a presentation should be cognizant of how to make effective slides, that aid your presentation, rather than detract from your message. I really enjoyed David JP Phillips TED talk “How to Avoid Death By PowerPoint”. While quite humorous, he effectively uses brain science and multiple examples to get his points across. There are four things we focus on when we open our eyes:
  • Moving objects
  • Signaling colors
  • Contrast
  • Objects
This YouTube, is fun and helpful when preparing slides for your presentations. 

Articles of Interest
17 Passive Income Ideas for Automating Your Cash Flow

Entrepreneur Magazine
Secrets of Self-Discipline: How to Become Supremely Focused
20 Life Lessons I wish I knew 10 Years Ago
Success Magazine
Passive income has long been the Holy Grail for entrepreneurs looking to free up their time, untethering the cord of daily duties and responsibilities from the potential to generate healthy monthly revenues. While the importance of passive income isn't often doubted, the monumental hurdle often required to achieve a respectable amount of cash flow from automatically-recurring revenue streams is often too great for most to bear.

Clearly, it's hard to generate passive income. It requires the upfront investment of a significant amount of our time, usually with little to no returns for extended periods. We can go months and even years without a single dollar produced from passive income activities, making even the most astute entrepreneur shake their head in sheer and utter frustration.
Self-discipline. Let’s be honest. For most of us, it’s a work in progress wrapped in good intentions, procrastination, and feelings of failure. But it doesn’t have to be. Self-discipline, like everything else, is a practice. Not every day will be perfect, but each day -- with its failures and small wins -- is progress, and that’s what self-discipline is all about.

I’ve rounded up steps you can take today to build self-discipline. Coupled with a healthy understanding of what self-discipline is and a little inspiration, this post gives you the tools you need to develop a practice of self-discipline in everything you do.
Ten years ago, I’d just finished school, I was training almost every single day to become a professional rugby player, and I was just about to begin my first year of study at university. Since then, so much has changed in almost every aspect of my life.

Just recently, I looked back at some of those major changes and on some of the life lessons that have helped me along the way—things I wish I’d been able to tell my 10-years-younger self. Many of these lessons were learned the hard way, by my own mistakes; some of them I was lucky to have a friend or mentor to show me the way; but all of them were important in some way because they helped shape who I am now.

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