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President's Corner
July 1, 2018
Dear Nurses,

Where nurses work has significantly changed over the past twenty-five years. Previously, 68% of nurses worked in a hospital setting. Today, that number is slightly above 50%.That means over 1.5 million nurses work in settings other than hospitals. These nurses are in alternative healthcare career settings, business owners, or nurse entrepreneurs. NNBA’s Nurse Entrepreneurship and Career Alternatives annual educational conference shares valuable information on options for nurses today. NNBA is an organization that is dedicated to promoting and expanding the role of nurses in business by: 1) Encouraging nurse entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to develop, grow, own or manage their own businesses.2) Developing opportunities locally and nationally for nurses in business and 3) Serving the networking and educational needs of its members. Be sure to read each newsletter issue, check the website for events, and follow our Facebook page to learn of the many opportunities and resources for nurses today!

Advanced Plan for Health, LLC, is an advanced and predictive analytics firm based in Westlake, Texas (a suburb of Dallas). They have exciting national opportunities for Work-at-Home Telephonic Medical Management Nurse Navigator / Health Coach. Click here for the job description and contact information.

The NNBA Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference is only 3 ½ months away! Pricing goes up in September, so make sure to register now! Remember to contact the Westgate Resort & Casino to reserve your rooms at the special discounted rate for the NNBA. Make reservations online by using the dedicated website available for NNBA participants This hotel is such a beautiful venue.

Our Platinum Sponsor is Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy. Wendy Pickett’s breakout session will be a great learning opportunity; Making the Switch to Medical Aesthetics: Beyond Botox! Saturday’s Silver Sponsor, Mary Watts and Beth Hawkes from allnurses will be presenting From Nurse to Nurse Influencer. We are welcoming back, Sunday’s Silver Sponsor Karen Apy, with CFTO, Changing the Future Outcome. Anyone that knows Karen’s health journey over the past couple years knows how special it is that she is able to be with us. Make sure to check out all of our sponsor’s ads in this issue below.

Have you ever wanted to tell your story and write a book? Well, the content creation queen, Pat Iyer MSN, RN, LNCC, will be presenting a preconference workshop on How to Write Like a Pro and more in her breakout session on Sunday, How to Polish Your Writing. Read about all the speaker’s compelling topics and actionable content here:

Most nurses need help from graphic artist when creating website and Facebook posts. The first article of interest below gives an infographic on the design trends that will make your site irresistible. Classic and important information that every professional will benefit from, especially small business owners, Best Email Guidelines. I wish I had known about these Startup Name Generators when I was choosing names for my businesses and domains!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays; celebrating our country’s independence and my own as a nurse business owner. I hope the fireworks are safe and plentiful; Happy 4th of July!

Unconventionally yours,

Nurse Business Insider Tip
By HubSpot

Technology: How to Download and Save Your YouTube Videos

You expect technology to be accessible everywhere -- even offline, in some cases. That includes YouTube videos. Whether you're outside on a run, traveling somewhere by train, or in a cafe with limited wi-fi service, you don't want to stop what you're doing if you run into connection problems, especially if you're in the middle of watching a video on YouTube.

This is why it doesn't surprise me that you want to know how to download and save YouTube videos. So did I, and luckily, there is a way.  Click here for more.

Articles of Interest
Graphic Design Secrets Revealed: Trends to Make Your Site Irresistible (INFOGRAPHIC)
Small Business Trends
Startup Name Generators
Small Business Trends
Email Guidelines
Bill Lampton
Every business owner wants to increase website traffic and engage audiences. Graphic design helps businesses achieve both these goals.

An intuitive and user-friendly design boosts your brand’s identity and entices visitors to keep checking out your site.

But what are some of the new trends in graphic design you should know about? Logo design company Logo Orbit has come up with the top 15 trends in graphic design that will make a splash.
Choosing a name is one of the most important early decisions you’ll make for your business. But it can also be tough to wait for that aha! moment where the perfect name just comes to you. So if you want to intentionally move the process along, you could try an online name generator.

These tools essentially allow you to input some basic information about your business and then automatically generate suggestions that could help you create a relevant brand for your new venture.
Email is one of the most-used ways of communicating in business, but not everyone knows how to use it correctly. Here are 12 e-mail guidelines that will improve your communications.

In most of the seminars I conduct for corporations and associations, I reserve time to talk about e-mail. Why? Because e-mail has become one of our most prominent means of internal and external communication. And guess what... our system did not come with a list of etiquette guidelines. So I offer these twelve tips:

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The National Nurses in Business Association, the vanguard of the nurse entrepreneurship movement, provides education, support, empowerment and opportunities for nurses in business since 1985. Thousands of nurses over the past 30 years have benefited from membership in the NNBA and launched successful businesses. The NNBA is the #1 Nurse Business Owner Network and serves as The Voice of Nurse Entrepreneurship. Learn about joining the NNBA by clicking here.
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