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Presidents Corner                     October 15, 2015

Dear Nursing Colleagues,

NNBA’s 30th Anniversary and Nurse Entrepreneurship Conference started with our meet and greet in Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino’s Crown Room. Beautifully decorated, a happening bar and tasty nibbles set the mood for nurses gathering and getting to know each other. Sharing, networking and mingling; everywhere I looked were smiles and nurses enjoying the collegial support of other like-minded nurses!

Dr. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio’s Keynote Saturday on “Making a Million in Nursing” was captivating. Amazing, helpful and insightful content left everyone motivated to try out some of the many ideas Laura gave to our audience. I lost count of the vast number of ideas and strategies that Laura shared with the group and we were just starting! Laura was approached multiple times during her stay with us and was so generous. Several nurses commented on how Laura was their inspiration and role model.

Many nurses came up to me during the event and right afterwards to say that this conference changed their lives! Every speaker was driven to provide massive value to our audience. I am very grateful to the speakers and round table presenters from #NNBA2015. Debra Gauldin, Donna Cardillo, Sharon Weinstien, Jay Steven Levin, Renee Thompson, Julie Armstrong, Laurie Dupar, Karen Mercereau, Brittney Wilson, Sharon McClellan, Keith Carlson, and Patricia Iyer. Thank you for your contributions and membership in the NNBA. You represent the finest in business leaders, mentors and role models.

Saturday afternoon I had the honor of presenting the NNBA Vangaurd Award to four remarkable nurses of the NNBA. 30 years is a significant milestone for any organization and if it were not for the efforts of these four nurses, the NNBA would not have survived and thrived the past 30 years. NNBA’s first president, Dr. Kay Davis, first member of the Board of Directors, Pamela Buckman, Dr. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio, NNBA’s second president and Pat Bemis, NNBA’s third president. These nurses were responsible for growing the NNBA from a grass roots group to a national nurse entrepreneurship movement empowering thousands of nurses to launch successful businesses. I hold each of them in great esteem and the nurses enjoyed their Pearls of Wisdom Segment.

A definite highlight according to everyone I spoke with and from reading all the comments made on our evaluations was “We want more Shark Tank!” The NNBA Shark Tank Competition was a hit. Four nurses braved the tank and did a great job. They were, Heather Taylor of After a Loss, Lani Deleon of CB International, Linda Casale of Mental Health Awareness Program and Kathy Allan of Healing Care Initiative. Our winner received some cash (what business owner doesn’t need that) and valuable consultations along with registration to #NNBA2016 so she can tell us all about this past year for her business. Heather Taylor was the winner as determined by our Sharks (Judges) Laura Vonfrolio, Jay Steven Levin and Donna Cardillo. At the end of the conference, while I was making announcements about NNBA’s next year plans, I asked how many nurses thought they may try to be a contestant on 2016’ s Shark Tank and over 15 nurses raised their hands!

The NNBA is unique in that it is the only organization devoted to Nurse Entrepreneurship that provides an amazing conference where nurses have opportunity to learn, be inspired, empowered and connect with like-minded nurses from all over the country. Novice and veteran business owners alike commented on the value of this conference. Ask anyone there and I am sure they will tell you that you missed a very special event. So don’t let that happen next year. Mark your calendars to save the dates for #NNBA2016 for October 14-16, 2016.

I will be adding the 2016 Speaker Proposal Guidelines and Submission Form soon on the website. Thanks to Renee Thompson for sending the article below on accountability reminding us of Jay Steven Levin’s encouragement to not leave Vegas without an accountability partner! Look for Keith Carlson, Kevin Ross and Elizabeth Scala from RNRM Radio to be there and reporting from #NNBA2016.

Looking forward,

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NNBA Members Spotlight
Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC

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Lighten Up...
[a handful of the hundreds of comments written by nurses in attendance]

“Fabulous conference, perfect speakers, topics and Shark Tank Competition the best!!! Love the hotel, food and location. I’ll be back!”

“Excellent speakers & content, thank you!”

“This conference really helped me appreciate the nursing profession. I am not a bedside RN and that’s OK! Thank you for helping me find a community of so many like-minded people .”

“So many happy nurses, numerous lives have changed in this room! NNBA brings hope, knowledge and pathways for positive change.”

Living Your Best Life...
A great nurse!    Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio, RN, Phd.
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