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President's Corner
August 1, 2021
Dear Nurses,

It’s hard to believe that August is already here and the NNBA 36th Annual Educational Conference on Nurse Entrepreneurship and Career Alternatives is next month! We always see an increase of membership in the months before the conference and this is probably because NNBA members receive $100.00 savings off the conference price. Everyone appreciates a good deal, right? However, I’d like to share what nurses tell us are the reasons they join and retain their NNBA memberships:

“The NNBA is dedicated to empowering nurses through entrepreneurship, helping nurses succeed and thrive in business.” “Business success starts with a clear plan of action and multiple business plans are in the business training center that comprehensively covers categories of nursing businesses. We like and benefit seeing concrete models that work.” “We feel NNBA’s commitment to member support, providing connections, resources, and promotional opportunities.” “The NNBA has a powerful referral network and a proven track record of nurses starting and growing their business.” “The presentations and the conversations at the annual conference each fall are electric and transformational.”

Rhonda Adams, DNP, RN from Massachusetts and Anthony Watson, RN from Ohio exemplify how connecting through the NNBA and collaborating helped their individual and joint efforts in minority neighborhoods to provide mobile COVID education, testing, and vaccination. Check them out below in addition to Lynn Visser's, MSN, RN, PHN, CEN, CPEN, FAEN and Michelle Mattson’s, RN, BSN, MBA new books. Plus, health advocacy is showing strong growth as a nursing business. Melissa Cardine and Jennifer Whalen from the Bridge Health Advocates, PLLC. will be presenting a preconference workshop Create a Profitable Health Advocacy Business as a Nurse Patient Advocate. Check out their ad below for the next Keystone Program.

If you are an NNBA member, be sure to join us in our private Facebook Group called NNBA Nurse Entrepreneurship This community is designed to be an environment fostering nursing business growth and expansion for nurse entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. And, this is the last chance to receive Early Bird Savings for NNBA2021 Conference. We extended the July 31st deadline one day so our newsletter subscribers could register and save. Here is the conference agenda: and the link to purchase the conference:

The experience, knowledge, and impact of our community is amazing - as well as the support that is provided to fellow nurse entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. You will have the opportunity to make incredible and meaningful connections by networking with many NNBA members who share your interests and passion.

Unconventionally yours,


NNBA Making Connections, Nurses Making It Happen!

Rhonda Adams, DNP, RN from Massachusetts and Anthony Watson, RN from Ohio each had dreams of reaching minority communities with mobile COVID vaccinations. After introducing them, they collaborated and started booking their events. Rhonda traveled to Ohio to help with vaccinations and has scheduled vaccinations events in Massachusetts. Anthony Watson, RN is the owner of Ace Healthy Products LLC. and is very involved in Ohio’s community health. Many of you may recognize Rhonda from NNBA2019 Shark Tank Competition when she presented her “Smart Watch”.

Lynn Visser’s Rapid Access Guide for Pediatric Emergencies has been released. Co-authored with Deb Jeffries, Lynn called this latest effort a labor of love. This pocket-sized resource for nurses confronting pediatric emergencies provides immediate access to vital, life-saving information. Ideal for a variety of settings, this guide distills the wisdom of expert pediatric emergency clinicians who provide a wealth of critical information from basic foundational knowledge through red flag presentations and triage. Lynn has a passion for sharing knowledge and doing what she can to make healthcare a safer place for all. 

Michelle Mattson’s book Scrapping the Scrubs is a guide for nurse entrepreneurs. Written from the perspective of a seasoned nurse, the book is a guide for nurses who are ready to "scrap their scrubs" and become business owners but have no idea of where to start. Intended to inspire those ready for a change in their nursing career, the reader is tasked with understanding the why, and examining possible avenues based on skills they already have. Success is possible as demonstrated by the examples of successful nurse entrepreneurs providing insight into their " how and why”. It was an honor to interviewed for Michelle’s book along with several other NNBA nurse entrepreneur members!
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