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President's Corner
July 15, 2021
Dear Nurses,

Learning how to better connect and deliver your message is a major factor in reaching your potential whether it is advancing in the clinical setting, the corporate world, or running your own business. Harvard Business Review conducted a study that indicated the #1 criteria for advancement and promotion for professionals is the ability to communicate effectively. Several presentations (highlighted below) at NNBA2021 Nurse Entrepreneurship and Career Alternative Conference, specifically address improving your performance and ways in which you can ‘monetize’ your valuable content.

Negotiating and Getting the Perfect Contract
From Nurse to Writer: How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Business
The Power of Your Story: An Ingredient for Business Success
Turn Your 60 Minute Presentation Into a Six-Figure Business
Income on Demand: 4 Principles for Creating 7-Figure Courses on Autopilot
Creating a Speaking Empire: How I Did It and You Can Too!

Attend this powerful conference and you will learn the varieties of business with acclaimed nurse entrepreneurs, ideas for your own nursing business, how to start and operate your business, and how to market and diversify your business opportunities. There are 15 eligible contact hours and you will have the information from all 12 sessions for over 4 weeks to ingest at your convenience. Early bird pricing ends July 31st, so be sure to register for savings. Remember that NNBA members receive $100.00 off the conference price, so make sure you are logged in when purchasing the conference!

In the articles of interest below, we kick off this issue with Guest Blogging Your Way to Success. Content is king and experts agree that guest blogging is a great strategy to grow your business. At the bottom of the article, see the exciting offer for NNBA members about guest blogging and getting published! Are you feeling it is a ‘weird’ summer? Check out what a chief economist has to say in A Labor Market Full of Churn: 4 Healthcare Takeaways. And in our final article of interest, How to Get More Done with Less Stress: 12 Daily Habits could make a world of difference for your optimism, energy levels, thinking clearly, and your ability to handle stress.

Remember, NNBA members save $100.00 off the #NNBA2021 Virtual Conference! Nurses are increasingly starting their own healthcare businesses. Be sure to check out our brief video of the conference overview. It is a great way to check out the speakers, topics, and the amazing value of our signature conference on entrepreneurship!

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Articles of Interest
Guest Blogging Your Way to Success

Michelle Podlesni
A Labor Market Full of Churn: 4 Healthcare Takeaways

Becker’s Hospital Review
How to Get More Done with Less Stress: 12 Daily Habits

Positivity Blog
Content Marketing
Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted online audience. Lead generation, growing customer base, generating sales, building brand awareness, and affirming credibility are all potential outcomes from successful content marketing.

Guest Blogging Strategy
Is guest blogging the best form of content marketing? Many experts such as Neil Patel, New York Times bestselling author, top influencer, and web marketer; believes that guest blogging is. Additionally, people perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible.

Guest blogging is creating blog posts for another organization’s site generally within similar industries that the guest blogger is serving. The guest blogger is writing for a select group of people that have a specific need. I like the analogy of placing a decal on a race vehicle. You may not be in the driver’s seat, but individuals see your decal.
Several factors are shaping what one economist calls a "weird summer" for the U.S. labor market. How's it playing out in healthcare?
1. Why "weird"? That's how Gregory Daco, chief U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, described the labor market to Bloomberg, noting a high degree of churn. Factors contributing to the atypicality industrywide: lingering concerns about COVID-19 and the delta variant; child care challenges; temporarily strengthened unemployment benefits; and extreme weather and interrupted travel.
2. What's happening in healthcare, specifically? A few things are likely drivers of labor shortages in healthcare. COVID-19 left many professionals exhausted and either making or seeking an exit from the profession: Nearly 30 percent of physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers have considered leaving healthcare altogether because of COVID-19-related burnout, a survey by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation found. 
“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
Albert Einstein

“Think simple” as my old master used to say – meaning reduce the whole of its parts into the simplest terms, getting back to first principles.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

The daily work we do – in school, at work or in a business – can easily become overwhelming, ineffective and suck the energy and joy out of what you are doing.

So how can you work in a lighter, simpler way that helps you to get more of what truly matters done in less time and with less stress?
Let me share 12 habits that I've discovered over the years that help me to do just that.

1. Prepare your day the evening before.
Pack your bag or suitcase. Pack the leftovers from your dinner in a container and put it in the fridge.
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