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President's Corner
February 1, 2020
Dear Nurses,

This is always an exciting time of year for the National Nurses is Business Association because we are finalizing our program for #NNBA2020! This conference with nationally acclaimed nurse speakers has a full agenda of expert presenters with real-world experience. Thousands of nurses have been informed, inspired, and launched successful businesses as a result of the massive-value content of NNBA’s annual conference.

It gives me great pleasure to announce our accomplished and esteemed keynote speakers for #NNBA2020. Saturday morning kicks off with Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN, CSP® sharing with our audience “From Risk to Reality: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey”. Then on Sunday, just before our 6th annual NNBA Shark Tank Competition, past NNBA president, Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio, RN, PhD, CCRN, is presenting “Grow Your Greatness: Nurse Entrepreneurs on Fire!
 Both Renee, with Healthy Workforce Institute, and Laura, with Education Enterprises, provide valuable, impactful, and influential work with nurses and healthcare systems. Don’t miss meeting and spending time with both of these nurse entrepreneur rockstars!

Is this the year you are on stage presenting in NNBA’s 6th Shark Tank Competition? The NNBA was the first nursing organization to start this “pitch” competition and many have followed. However, we have stayed true to our original intent which is to provide a national platform for nurses to help all nurses become more successful promoting their products and services. We provide the finalists mentoring sessions prior to the competition, and it is always an informative and supportive audience favorite event. Learn about the competition, prizes, and criteria to apply here.

In this issues articles of interest: 8 Easy Steps to Creating a Customer Profile is an excellent article that helps you identify characteristics of people who are most likely to purchase your product or service, and derive a lot of value from it. "The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself." - Peter Drucker. This article helps you do just that. How telemedicine has become the new 'home visit' for Children's National genetics patients really demonstrates the power of telemedicine for the good of the patient and their families. Much trauma ensues when trying to drive long distances and having to go through corridors, offices, and clinics as compared to the calm and ease of being cared for while in your home. Plus, the provider has much more social and environmental information to form treatment recommendations. This is a win-win to me, and I remember when doctors made house calls! In Hope, Happiness and Social Connection: Hidden Benefits of Regular Exercise, Kelly McGonigal offers new motivation to get moving that has less to do with how we look, or feeling duty-bound to exercise, and everything to do with how movement makes us feel.

Place September 25-27th on your calendars to join us and celebrate NNBA’s 35th Anniversary. Registration for #NNBA2020 will be in March so stay tuned. Check out the conference information page here. This weekend is a great opportunity for all of us to share ideas, information, and fun experiences. Nurse business owners can take their businesses to the next level. Discover how nurses are creating programs, services, and products to meet the needs of the healthcare consumers.
Unconventionally yours,

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Articles of Interest
8 Easy Steps to Creating a Customer Profile

How telemedicine has become the new 'home visit' for Children's National genetics patients

Hope, Happiness and Social Connection: Hidden Benefits of Regular Exercise

In order to properly market, sell to, and offer support to customers, you need to understand them and get to know them. And you can do that effectively by building a customer profile and developing a system for creating and auditing those profiles.

Customer Profiling
Customer profiling is defined as "a description of a customer, or set of customers, that includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness, and purchase history."

In other words, it's identifying characteristics of people who are most likely to purchase your product or service and derive a lot of value from it. Once you've defined these qualities of your target audience, you can segment your customer base into different customer profiles.
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Natasha Shur, MD, a clinical geneticist at Children's National Health System, is spearheading a new telemedicine program for pediatric patients who have genetic or rare conditions.

Since its launch in January, between 50 and 60 parents or caregivers have tested out the pilot program. The telemedicine technology allows patients to connect with their Children's National provider by audio and video, rather than in-person.

The program received support from the health system's Rare Disease Institute as well as the New York-Mid-Atlantic Regional Genetics Network and the Health Resources Services Administration.

Here, Dr. Shur, who serves as director of the program, discusses the inspiration behind the initiative as well as how virtual visits have benefited her patient population.
If ever there was a time to up your fitness game, the arrival of the new year and the new decade is it. But after the allure of the new gym membership wears off, our sedentary habits, more often than not, consume our promise of daily workouts. It doesn't have to be this way, says health psychologist and author, Kelly McGonigal.

In her new book, The Joy of Movement: How Exercise Helps Us Find Happiness, Hope, Connection, and Courage, the Stanford University lecturer offer new motivation to get moving that has less to do with how we look, or feeling duty-bound to exercise, and everything to do with how movement makes us feel. She shares with readers the often profound, yet lesser-known benefits of exercise that make it a worthy, lifelong activity whether you're young, old, fit or disabled. 
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