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President's Corner
February 1, 2021
Dear Nurses,

Nurses that desire more flexibility, financial control, and autonomy are looking at NNBA’s Nurses in Business. From developing additional income streams on a part-time basis, such as a side hustle, to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, the NNBA is filled with nurses doing just that. As our world and environments continue to experience the effects of the global pandemic, more nurses are re-evaluating their nursing careers. Reevaluation is defined as the process or act of examining something again, and a reappraisal of value and worth. There are more choices than ever for nurses. More nurses are recognizing their valuable knowledge and experiences which is well-suited to leverage them into a multitude of nurse owned businesses!

Thank you to all the nurses that submitted proposals in our Call for Speakers. In the near future we will present all the details on #NNBA2021 Entrepreneurship Conference scheduled for September 24-26, 2021. Also, the next #NNBA2020 post conference Accelerating Success Networking will be February 17th, keep watch on your emails for more info.

NNBA’s Nurses Business Training Modules now offers contact hours! These provide business education tailored for nurses that want to know what businesses are available, how to start their own business and how to grow and market that business. We formalized the information on business from A-Z in videos, pdfs, and audio files, and then collaborated with Nurse Builders. Nurse Builders is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Nurse Builders is also a provider of continuing education by the California Board of Nursing.

A reminder about our NNBA News format change: For several years, the NNBA has published newsletters that are delivered to nurse subscribers twice each month. They have contained announcements, entrepreneur opportunities, featured experts, tips and curated articles specific for nurse entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. On the first of each month, we will be highlighting NNBA Member’s Success Strategies giving us additional opportunity to highlight NNBA members and the amazing work they are doing in the community, nationally and globally. Our strength is our experience, and results with nurses helping nurses succeed in business for over 35 years.

Unconventionally yours,


NNBA Member’s Success Strategies – Stories – Habits – Tips – Inspirations
Pamela G. Rasheed, MSN, RN
After having a conversation with Pamela Rasheed at the 2017 NNBA Conference, I was sure she would become an author. I am thrilled to announce that Pamela has achieved that official title with the recent publication of her book Barren: The Inside World of Infertility.

We connected Pamela with fellow NNBA member Pat Iyer, MSN, RN, LNCC. Pat is a prolific author, and book coach. Pamela completed Pat’s Get Your Book Finished Course and you can read more and find Pamela’s book by clicking on the book below.

Barren – gives an inside view of the multi-layered stress-provoking world of infertility. It lays bare the raw emotions and hidden fears when conception is not that simple. And it highlights realistic interventions that, when coupled with medical interventions, can help the infertile patients and their support team navigate this complex journey to destination: baby. This book is written by a registered nurse who has specialized in the field of infertility for more than a decade. She lays out this book in simple language and gives clear explanations of the biological complexities for patients. The reader will appreciate the true stories of patients who went through the emotional, psychological, spiritual, clinical, and financial highs-and-lows as they navigate their way to parenthood.
Nancy Joyner, MS, CNS-BC, APRN, ACHPN®
Nancy Joyner is committed to improving communication and quality of life for those facing serious illness and those caring for them. Nancy is an advanced practice nurse that has provided over 40 years of nursing education and experience to health care professionals, patients, and their families. Her areas of expertise include neonatal care, pediatrics, home care, personal care, hospice care, and palliative care. Nancy is a Serious Illness Care Community of Practice ambassador and educator at the Center for Rural Health in Grand Forks North Dakota which connects resources and knowledge to strengthen the health of people in rural communities, research rural health issues, analyze policy, strengthen capabilities, develop community alternatives, and inform broad audiences. Nancy is also a Nurse Mentor at the University of North Dakota. Nancy highlights here how Ariadne Labs Serious Illness Conversation guide is supportive in her work.

Congratulations to Lorie Brown, BSN, MN, JD

From attending a TANNA conference in 1990 as a law student to becoming the President of the American Association of Nurse Attorneys.

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