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May 15, 2021
Dear Nurses,

Innovative strategies for developing nursing business opportunities is the lead line in our annual educational conference on nurse entrepreneurship announcement. Have you ever wondered why the words innovate, innovation, and innovators, are such buzz words right now? When it comes to business, the only thing that maintains the growth of the business is innovation. Innovation is the process of creating new or improved ways of doing business. This could be new products or services, or improved workflows and processes. The nurse experts and entrepreneurs speaking at the #NNBA2021 conference are true innovators that have grown and sustained successful businesses over a period of years. Over 18 of the top nurse entrepreneurs will be sharing the inside story of their business, the best practices they incorporated for growth, and how you can do the same!

Not sure you’re an entrepreneur? There are definite signs, and you may recognize yourself in our first article of interest below, 12 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur.

In looking at emerging business opportunities, nurses will want to keep in mind the growth of healthcare simulation and Why Healthcare Simulation is About to Become One of the World’s Most Important Industries. Healthcare education and training programs could become much safer, as innovative strides are being made in this industry. The applications are endless and so are the opportunities for nurses.

In creating your speech or presentation, when too many ideas are competing for attention, here is The One Sentence That Will Make You a More Effective Speaker Every Time. We all want to be more effective in our communications; this simple trick will make your speeches clear, concise, and compelling.

Whether you want to dip your toe in the entrepreneurial waters or dive right on in, you won’t want to miss our annual conference on nurse entrepreneurship. If you are an existing nurse business owner, are you interested in diversifying your income streams to grow your business profitability? There is something for every nurse in this conference. In celebration of Nurse’s Week and for the entire month of May, we are offering a Super Early Bird price, something we have never offered before. Check it out here: and we look forward to seeing you there! 

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Articles of Interest
12 Signs You're Destined to 
Be An Entrepreneur

Why Healthcare Simulation is About to Become One of the World’s Most Important Industries

The One Sentence that will Make You a More Effective Speaker 
Every Time

Some people think they're born to be an entrepreneur; others see it as a skill anyone can learn. Regardless of where you stand on this debate, you can't argue with the fact that some people just know they're destined for entrepreneurship. If you aren't one of these people and you aren't sure whether you're suited to the profession, here are 12 signs that you're destined to be an entrepreneur.

1. You're constantly reaching for new achievements.

Having a restless spirit that's never satisfied with "good enough" is one sign that you'd make a great entrepreneur. Being a business owner means continually improving on your success and never resting in your comfort zone. If you love achieving, entrepreneurship might just be for you.

2. You like to be in control.

If you've ever been in a bad relationship with a controlling partner, you know that needing to be in control isn't always an entirely positive trait. That said, every entrepreneur needs a team to be successful. If you like being in charge and people have an easy time following your vision, you could make a very good entrepreneur.
Healthcare simulation is about to change the world. While societies are just beginning to turn a corner on COVID-19, the devastation caused by the most recent pandemic will continue to affect us for years to come. With over 142 million cases and 3 million deaths, the estimated covid costs of $28 trillion dollars will no doubt force governments, corporations, militaries, healthcare institutions and the general public to carefully reassess their pandemic readiness. In their 2021 annual letter, Bill and Melinda Gates share several innovative strategies for overcoming future pandemics, including the creation of a specialized group of about 3,000 “Infectious Disease Responders” who will be ready at a moment’s notice to travel and contain outbreaks around the world. How will top scientists, healthcare teams, biohazard specialists, security personnel, and logistics operators plan and train for one of the world’s most important and most dangerous jobs? Through the emerging industry that is primed for a transition to mass adoption: medical simulation.

Bill and Melinda Gates Identify Simulation as Critical Step to Pandemic Readiness

The scars from the international COVID-19 disaster are so deep...
"Clear writing is clear thinking." My 10th-grade English teacher shared that morsel of wisdom once as I was slogging through a 20-page term paper with no idea where I was going or how to make the points I wanted to make; every word I wrote led me further down a rabbit hole of rambling sentences, incomplete thoughts, and disjointed ideas. It felt like I was writing in circles.
If clear writing was clear thinking, then my thinking was as clear as mud. The problem wasn't that I couldn't put words to paper. The problem was I couldn't get those words to make sense. That's because I wasn't clear on my objective. I was trying to say too much and, as result, I was saying nothing.

Many speakers feel this way when they write speeches. They have too many ideas competing for attention and too many themes pulling them in different directions. There's no through-line to hold their arguments together and, so, their content feels jumbled and confused.

What's more, they lack a big idea -- a powerful insight, perspective, or thought that serves as the backbone of their presentation; the big idea is the spine that holds everything up. 
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