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President's Corner
April 15, 2019
Dear Nurses,

Have you ever wondered what factors allow some nurses to start a nursing business, write a book, or create an innovative product? Several come into play, however a person’s mindset is the #1 factor. Abraham Lincoln said it best, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”. If you have ever thought about starting your own business, or just want to explore a myriad of opportunities and try something new; join us this September. If you’ve wondered what the NNBA Conference is like, this may be your year to find out. Here’s last year’s highlight reel.

Most of us are familiar with 3M products such as Post it® Notes and Scotch Tape®. 3M also has a healthcare division. They have expanded their adhesive portfolio to include wearable medical devices. For those of you with children in the 5th through 8th grades, 3M announced their search for the Next Top Young Scientist and a chance to win $25,000. Click this link to learn more: 

NNBA’s 5th Annual Shark Tank Competition is back on stage, September 29th at the Flamingo Hotel. Read about this fun and informative event here: Send in your entry by July 1st. Always an audience favorite, this is a great opportunity to make your pitch that could result in a cash prizes and awards.

Recently I posted on Facebook about celebrating the 5th anniversary from when we took the helm of the NNBA. So many wonderful things have happened, including businesses launched, businesses expanded, and countless collaborations between NNBA members networking. We continue to experience strong growth in membership and subscribers. Many of you already know Carol Lumsden, RN, CHC, as our Manager of Member Services. Carol will now handle the West and we have added Heather Taylor, RN to be our Manager Member Services – East. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service, starting with reaching out personally to each new member to welcome them. We’re thrilled having Carol and Heather on the NNBA team!

The ABC’s of Customer Service is very appropriate for our first article of interest below. Bottom line, customer service is not just another department; it’s everyone’s job.8 Ways Your Team Can Succeed At Social Selling is a helpful read for your business, whether you have a team or you’re the chief salesperson. And our final article of interest How Minted Grew From a Stationery Brand to a Global Design Platform, is packed with so much great information. While there are few people that run a business with 400 employees and in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the information points are applicable to every business owner. Mariam Naficy had no idea this would happen, the business showed her the way. Instead of adhering to rigid rules and structure, we have to remain flexible and allow the business to show us the way.

Discover emerging trends and opportunities in healthcare businesses – Learn how to transition from where you are, to where you want to be. There are over twenty sessions to choose from, and 14 eligible contact hours. If you are ready for change, want to be ahead of the curve, and drive your career forward, then be sure to register here (get the best savings by choosing the early bird registration). I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, September 27 – 29th. Record number of nurses are looking for opportunities to have more freedom, flexibility, and additional income streams

Unconventionally yours,

Articles of Interest
ABC’s of Customer Service

Harvey MacKay
8 Ways Your Team Can Succeed At Social Selling

Franklin Covey
Minted Grew From a Stationery Brand to a Global Design Platform. Here's How.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Whatever business you are in — manufacturing, retail, health care, travel, high tech — you must realize that first and foremost, you are in the service business.

We all know how we like to be treated when we conduct a transaction. We also know how we do not like to be treated. There is no excuse not to render exceptional customer service.

But it has always amazed me that some organizations expect their customers to put up with disappointing service. It’s so much easier in the long run to expend a little more effort in putting your best foot forward.
In a previous article, we argued that your sales force could be facing extinction, because the same trends that have revolutionized the consumer experience are now transforming the B2B sales process.

Organizations no longer have the option of waiting to embrace “social selling”—the new model of leveraging online platforms such as LinkedIn to attract targeted buyers.

Social-sales expert Brynne Tillman says lacking clear direction, salespeople are figuring out this new technique themselves. “At the highest level, the challenge is that their salespeople are doing random acts of social,” she says. “There's no strategy or structure or process.”
When Mariam Naficy launched Minted in 2008, she wanted to create a niche business, one that would crowdsource stationery designs from independent artists, ask consumers to vote for their favorites, produce and sell the best-performing creations and share a portion of revenue with the original designers.

But Naficy underestimated consumers’ interest in what she was building, and she soon found herself at the helm of a massive venture-backed design platform that was growing far beyond her original vision. So she rolled with it -- adapting right alongside her company.
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