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President's Corner
April 1, 2019
Dear Nurses,

There are several relationships that are very important to business owners as their business grows larger. Legal advisers, insurance coverage, banking relationships, financial advice, and administration; each of these areas will be represented at this year’s conference. I would also recommend developing a small group of trusted advisers. I have the honor to announce the addition of Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, RN-BC and Stella Nsong, RN, CMC, LTCP to NNBA’s Advisory Board. Keith and Stella are long term members and supporters of NNBA’s mission. Both are speaking at this year's conference, and you can learn more about Keith, Stella and the entire NNBA Business Advisory Board here:

Nurses are registering for NNBA’s signature conference on entrepreneurship and career alternatives. Explore the agenda at Nationally acclaimed speakers, leading nurse entrepreneurs, and business experts will provide nurses with the information, tools and actionable take-a-ways they need to start their own nursing business - or to make their current business even more successful, while being exposed to a wealth of alternative career options. There are over twenty sessions to choose from, and 14 eligible contact hours. This is an educational and professional development event designed to give attendees the benefit of learning from top-ranked experts on relevant topics and connect with prestigious speakers and like-minded colleagues.

You won’t want to miss Dr. Scharmaine Lawson’s keynote address, “The Entrepreneurial Nurse”. Scharmaine is the author of Nola the Nurse®, and started the first nurse practitioner House call practice in the state of Louisiana. Winner of multiple awards, seen on CBS and NBC, Scharmaine is the CEO of Advanced Clinical Consultants in New Orleans, LA.

Thank you for the wonderful comments about our new look at Three brief videos now reside on the home page that will motivate you  to join us in Las Vegas this September. The first article of interest below is Brainstorming to Come Up with Better Business Ideas. I really like how the author recommends looking at your business ideas to see which ones have the best traction. If you guessed blogging for The Best Side Hustle You Can Start Today in Just 15 Minutes, you were right. The author outlines all the benefits of blogging, and that is why so many of you have attended and plan to attend Brittney Wilson’s and Kati Kleber’s workshop And last, the article 9 Lessons All Great Leaders Can Learn From Baseball. While I am not a great fan of baseball, I do love baseball movies and analogies. These 9 lessons are right on point and a fun read to mark the start of baseball season!

Empowering Nurses through Entrepreneurship provides you with massive-content value on multiple approaches to using your nursing knowledge and experience. If you are ready for change, want to be ahead of the curve, and drive your career forward, then be sure to register now (get the best savings by choosing the early bird registration). Record numbers of nurses are looking for opportunities to have more freedom, flexibility and additional income streams.I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, September 27 – 29th.

Unconventionally yours,

Articles of Interest
Try This Brainstorming Exercise to Come Up With Better Business Ideas

Success Magazine
The Best Side Hustle You Can Start Today in Just 15 Minutes

9 Lessons All Great Leaders Can Learn From Baseball

No idea is a bad idea, business coach Christy Wright says. If you’re struggling to know whether your ideas can develop into a successful YouEconomy venture, try this exercise:

On a blank piece of paper, draw a grid with six columns. Atop the columns, fill in six S’s: story, skills, strengths, situation, social and solution. In rows to the left of your columns, list your ideas. This is not the time to be picky; list as many as you can think of. If you’re struggling, use the categories as a guide.

Once all of your ideas are down on paper, begin working across the columns, and place a checkmark next to each idea that fits within the parameters. If an idea only checks one of the six S’s, it’s probably not your best move. Continue this process until you narrow it down to about five ideas that have the most checkmarks. These are the ones worth exploring.
The best side hustle you can start in 15 minutes is blogging.

It can be writing, making videos or speaking about topics you love through a regular podcast show. All of these acts are a form of blogging.

15 minutes is not long
That’s why blogging is a good choice.

A video that’s less than 15 minutes is easy to make and will work well.

A short piece of writing can be written in under 15 minutes.

A 10-minute audio conversation on one single question will give people heaps of value and detail in one particular area.

Starting is not where the power lies. Doing this side hustle every single day is how you get what you’re really looking for.
One of my favorite holidays of the year is here: Opening Day in Major League Baseball. My love of baseball runs deep -- note the photo from my baseball stadium wedding below -- and my love of baseball is year-round. But there's only so far watching Field of Dreams and playing simulated games can take me during the winter.

But today, spring is in the air! For baseball fans throughout the country and world, hope springs eternal. I'm en route to Washington to see the Mets road opener today, and I'll be headed out to Citi Field in Flushing, Queens next Thursday to catch my 33rd consecutive New York Mets home opener. In the meantime, here are 9 timeless leadership lessons from America's pastime: one for each inning. Whether you're a baseball fan or not, you can benefit from applying the game's most important lessons:
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