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President's Corner
January 15, 2023
Dear Nurses,

Currently, the National Nurses in Business Association’s membership reveals approximately a 50/50 split between nurse business owners and aspiring/new nurse business owners. For those nurses that are thinking of starting a business and not sure where to begin, you must start with a good business idea. Good business ideas are all around us. Entrepreneurs pay attention to what's going on around them and they figure out what's missing. Nurses make great entrepreneurs because they see a lot missing in the health care marketplace today.

In the first module of the Nurses Business Training Center, Lesson 1.5, we cover over twenty-five specialties for nurse owned businesses. We go into detail on this and there are hundreds of variations off those twenty-five. Nurses create valuable products and services because they solve a problem or fulfill a need that people have, and find ways to do things better. Nurse Entrepreneurs are improving lives and making the world a better place with much needed programs, products, and services.

Articles of Interest:

Annually, US businesses lose 17 to 33 billion from loss of productivity associated with informal family caregiving because they lack programs, products, and services. In Programs, Potential & Profits: New Opportunities For Nurse Entrepreneurs In Corporate America, Stella Nsong explains how nurses are well positioned to address this issue in the first article of interest below.

After you have a good product, it is marketing and innovation that will grow your business. Consistently creating various types of marketing collateral enhances your brand image by clearly communicating the value proposition of your business. See the 11 Types of Marketing Collateral You Should Be Creating.

Research shows our attention spans are shrinking as technology advances. But there is hope for learning to stay focused in the face of constant distraction. Here are 6 Habits of People with Exceptional Mental Focus you can implement.


NNBA’s Business Round Table and Networking will be on February 9th.

The NNBA 2023 Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference is on August 3-5, 2023 and registration opens soon! You can make your room reservations by clicking here to get incredible savings with the NNBA Group Reservations Discount. The conference registration, agenda, and information will be posted under the Conference tab at

NNBA Members have access to over 14 interviews with nurses in business in the Nurse Entrepreneur’s Exchange. Nurse entrepreneurs share inside information on the impact and influence of their businesses. Just log-in and start watching! Currently the business categories are: Home Healthcare, Consulting, Education, Career Coaching, Health Coaching, Mentorship, Nurse Patient and Health Advocacy, Foot and Nail Care Education, Case Management, Medical Legal Consulting, Holistic Wellness, Aesthetics, and Healthy Workforce Education. Many more are on the way, so be sure to go out and meet these influential nurse entrepreneurs!

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Unconventionally yours,

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Articles of Interest
Programs, Potential & Profits: New Opportunities For Nurse Entrepreneurs In Corporate America

Stella Nsong
A few days ago, I met a nurse who works on the float team in the hospital. I was telling her that I sometimes miss working as a bedside nurse. I started as an LPN and loved the hands-on care at the bedside.

She told me how awful the work environment and culture is at their hospital and that sometimes she goes home worried that she did not do a job and that some of her patients did not receive the great care that she knows she could have provided.

I asked her if she would remain in the profession, and she said she is weighing her options. It made me think about all the possibilities that we nurses have today.

Why did I tell you about my conversation with this nurse? Because many of us have been in her shoes and there is more we can do as nurses if we look deeper and around us. Here is what I mean by looking deeper; with how sick patients are today, is there something we wish we had that would make the care that we give patients a little safer, a little easier and a little more dignifying? How can we take our knowledge, skills and creativity and channel it into programs, products, and or services to improve healthcare and patient outcomes?

The income potential of a nurse is limitless. Besides working directly with patients or in administration there are over 50 different income and profit streams for nurses.

Do you see that as a nurse you are limitless?
11 Types of Marketing Collateral You Should Be Creating

Marketing Insider Group
Does your business consistently share several types of marketing collateral? If not, you’re missing out on major opportunities for conversion.

Sure, the product descriptions and prices on your website are important – but they’re not enough to convince prospects that you offer trustworthy, high-quality products and services.

That’s where marketing collateral comes in. Sharing various types of marketing collateral establishes legitimacy, supports sales, and proves to site visitors that they’re in good hands.

Key Takeaways
  • Marketing collateral establishes credibility, protects authority and builds trust with your audience, ultimately supporting sales and encouraging conversion
  • Research shows that lack of trust is the #1 reason for customers not converting
  • Traditional advertising aims to capture viewer attention, whereas marketing collateral works to retain and enhance customer relationships
  • 99% of survey respondents say they enjoy watching video content from brands online
  • A well-maintained blog drives traffic, generates leads and encourages conversion through education and expertise
Consistently creating various types of marketing collateral enhances your brand image by clearly communicating the value proposition of your business.
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6 Habits of People with Exceptional Mental Focus

In our ever-expanding, dynamic, digital world, it can often seem impossible to complete even the simplest of tasks, to achieve a state of focus amid endless distractions and constant interruption. A new email alert, a text from a loved one, or the irresistible urge to refresh our Instagram or Twitter feeds can become more than irritating distractions and get in the way of accomplishing anything.

In fact, research shows that our attention spans are noticeably shrinking as technology advances. Psychologist, University of California's Chancellor Professor of Informatics, and author of the forthcoming book Attention Span: A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness and Productivity Gloria Mark found that we spend an average of just 47 seconds on any screen before shifting our attention elsewhere. And once we're interrupted, it can take up to 25 minutes to bring our attention back to our original task.

But, Mark contends, there is hope for learning to stay focused in the face of constant distraction. Here are six tips you can implement in your workday to wrangle your attention.
  1. Become more intentional in your actions
Bring your unconscious actions to a conscious awareness by probing yourself about your actions. When you get the urge to check your Twitter feed or scroll aimlessly through Instagram, ask yourself why. Are you bored? Are you looking for a social connection?
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