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President's Corner
September 15, 2021
Dear Nurses,

Many nurses are experiencing levels of dissatisfaction, disappointment, stress, and burn-out on the job. The pandemic has only amplified these levels, and nurses are seriously looking at what options there are for change. If you love nursing but, your job, not so much, there are choices available that will make you enthusiastic about your future. Only 10 Days remain to register for the NNBA Annual Educational Conference on Nurse Entrepreneurship and Career Alternatives! We are bringing together 20 of the country’s best nurse entrepreneurs to speak on a compelling variety of nursing businesses. This conference is a virtual hybrid of both “live” and recorded sessions that you will have access to for over 4 weeks! It also has how-to information that you can take action on immediately, insight into healthcare industry trends, powerful networking and 15 contact hours of continued education for your professional growth and career development.

We have released the Preconference Workshops! Your ticket(s) has the link(s) to start accessing the content. If you have not registered for the 3+ hours, and in-depth workshops yet, your time is running out. Here are quick links to view all:
You Too Can Be a Legal Nurse Consultant – Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD
Create a Profitable Health Advocacy Business as a Nurse Patient Advocate – Melissa Cardine MSN, RN, WOCN, BCPA and Jennifer Whalen, DHSc, MHS, PA-C, BCPA
Creating a Speaking Empire: How I Did It and How You Can Too – Donna Cardillo, RN, MA, CSP® , FAAN
Money Map: A Model for Building Your Senior Care Enterprise – Stella Nsong, RN, CCO, CMC, LTCP

Articles of Interest:
Our first article of interest How to Write a Company Profile outlines the most critical steps of writing a captivating company profile. Don’t miss your chance to market your brand successfully.

I agree strongly with the author’s content and article title, It’s Never Lonely At the Top Because No One Gets There Alone. Being at the top of your game is the result of being in a community, having mentors, advisors, and guides. It’s what is so valuable about the NNBA nurses in business community.

What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed, so here is Why Your Health Should Be a Key Business Metric. Nurturing your health is a critical business investment that will provide better decision making, increased productivity and stamina.

For over 36 years, the NNBA has helped thousands of nurses to plan, start and grow their own businesses. The NNBA is here to assist you through all the stages of business, from starting to exiting, and everywhere in between. Meet your colleagues, like minded nurses, who share your interests and passions by making this year, the year for changes you choose. Meet your speakers and register here:
I am looking forward to meeting you Friday, September 24th at our Meet and Greet Reception as we kick off the NNBA 2021 Conference!

Unconventionally yours,

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Articles of Interest
How to Write a Company Profile

It’s Never Lonely at the Top Because No One Gets There Alone

Why Your Health Should Be a Key Business Metric

Need to write a company profile but don’t know where to start? This article outlines the steps you need to take, complete with examples for inspiration.

Whether you own a small startup or a global conglomerate, having a company profile is a must. However, what you consider interesting could be an utter snooze fest for the reader, making you miss the chance to market your brand successfully.

If you want to ensure that you’ve got all the correct information to entice your reader, you need to turn the traditional business profile on its head and consider what your audience wants to know about your company.

To help you do that, we’ve outlined the most critical steps you need to follow to create a captivating company profile.

Steps to writing a company profile
1. Identify the profile’s purpose
Anyone aspiring to reach an elite level in their field should realize that excellence is never an individual pursuit and requires the coordination of many. The people who have transcended their domain may appear to stand alone (think Michael Jordan, Tiger, Jobs, Newton, Gates, or Musk), but no one has ever achieved excellence without the support, knowledge, experience, and mentorship gained from others. There are no solo superstars because extreme success is increasingly complex and requires multiple streams of knowledge, inspiration, ideas, and support. Very often, it is new information from others that makes the difference between good and great.

Before 2010, tennis star Novak Djokovic was an excellent player and competitive on the world stage, but he was not one of the game's all-time greats. Even though he trained harder than most pros and was fanatic about his fitness, he suffered from mid-match breakdowns.
Entrepreneurship is an emotional rollercoaster unlike any other sport: The highs are so high, and the lows are very low.

This week, a recently exited employee asked for a larger severance package because of the hard times ahead for his family. I worried about a different team member facing a mental health crisis, whom I desperately wanted to help. But I had to respect his privacy and couldn't do much more than introduce him to some resources. We faced a potential inventory shortage that could derail our growth projections, but we also earned two new investors. The list goes on... amazing highs and difficult lows.

I began my first business at 22 years old. Since then, I've started or co-founded five businesses--all of which are still operating today.
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