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December 1, 2023

Dear Nurses,

Welcome to this issue of the NNBA News. We are excited to bring you a range of articles, interviews, and upcoming events that will empower you to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with blending nursing expertise with entrepreneurial spirit! Whether you are dreaming of launching a healthcare startup, creating a wellness platform, or offering specialized consulting services, nurse entrepreneurship allows you to be the architect of your career. It's about turning your passion for healing into a sustainable and fulfilling business.

If you’re a seasoned nurse looking for a new challenge or a recent graduate eager to carve your own path, the NNBA Nurses in Business is your go-to source for inspiration, education, guidance, and stories of success in the world of nurse entrepreneurship. Special note: In each issue the articles of interest we curate are factors having influence and impact on nurse entrepreneurship. These factors pertain to: legislation, technology, socioeconomics and nursing culture. You will find a wealth of information, especially in the last article of interest today, The Real Issues Driving the Nursing Crisis. If you are unable to read this now, be sure to earmark it for reading later.

Articles of Interest:

Our first article of interest is more a tutorial than an article. How to Create Engaging Content gives comprehensive information on creating content for any platform with a collection of tools and best practices.

Let’s face it, customers aren’t clamoring for our ads or pop-ups and we know that these tactics don’t add value to the customer’s experience. Marketing isn’t just a creative exercise; it is a business driver. 9 Digital Marketing Lies You Should Stop Believing will enable you to recognize some truths you can use effectively in your business.

The last article of interest, The Real Reasons for the Nursing Crisis, will resonate on multiple levels. Many of us have felt and experienced the crisis first-hand. If you are a nurse entrepreneur, the stats, info, and comments will validate your decision. If when you read this article, it applies to you, entrepreneurship and becoming a nurse in business is an amazing pivot to choose.


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Laurel Chiarmonte, CNO and Founder of Duality Systems designed and developed a software product that addresses scheduling, one of the major factors identified in the article above, The Real Issues Driving the Nursing Crisis. Our brief video interview can be watched here!

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Articles of Interest

How to Create Engaging Content in 2024



9 Digital Marketing Lies to Stop Believing

Marketing Insider

The Real Issues Driving the Nursing Crisis


MIT Sloan Management Review

Most content receives little to no engagement. In fact:

  • Over 90% of blog posts receive zero traffic.

  • Most social media managers say that a good average engagement rate is between 1% and 5%.

  • 90% of YouTube videos never reach 1,000 views.

Yet plenty of content creators consistently receive millions of views and high engagement.

We analyzed the key factors that separate highly engaging content from average content. In this post, we’ll provide specific tips to help you create engaging content, regardless of your platform.

We’ll also provide specific tips for optimizing your content for engagement on social media, blog, and video content.

How To Create Engaging Content For Any Platform

Regardless of the platform you’re publishing on, there needs to be substance behind your content idea for it to perform well. So here’s the recipe for creating highly engaging content.

Tip #1: Research Your Target Audience’s Pain Points For Content Ideas

When it comes to digital marketing, self-deception can be as common as hashtags and hyperlinks. But let’s face it: Consumers aren’t clamoring for our ads or pining for pop-ups. We know that these tactics don’t add value to the customer experience.

We’re also waking up to the fact that marketing isn’t just a creative endeavor—it’s a business driver, and it’s expected to show tangible results. Yet, we’re still caught up in self-doubt or overconfidence, stuck in the mindset of campaigns over customers.

Whatever lies we tell ourselves, there’s a few hard truths we can be sure of:

  1. We’ve got to focus on what’s good for our customers in everything we do.

  2. Doing marketing right isn’t the hard part - it’s making sure we can keep doing it well over and over.

  3. People come back to us because of how they feel about all their experiences with us, not just one.

  4. Our marketing shows off what’s special about us.

  5. We don’t waste money when we try new things; we waste it when we keep doing the same old things that don’t work.

That’s just a handful of truths to think about. Now, let’s dive into the 14 digital marketing mistakes we need to stop telling ourselves.

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Our analysis of nurses’ employer reviews reveals the true source of burnout and why nurses are leaving the field. Here’s how health care leaders can improve nurse job satisfaction to fight a looming nursing shortage. Health care leaders face a daunting set of challenges — rising costs, the transition to digital health, and shifting payment models, to name just a few. But according to a recent survey from the American College of Healthcare Executives, the #1 problem hospital CEOs face is staff shortages and burnout.

1. Ninety percent of the CEOs surveyed cited nursing shortages as a particularly acute pain point.

In 2021, the total number of registered nurses working in the U.S. dropped by the largest amount in 40 years, with younger nurses leading the exodus.

2. By 2025, the U.S. health care system could suffer a shortfall of up to 450,000 nurses, or 20% fewer than the nursing workforce required for patient care.

3. High levels of job dissatisfaction and burnout are driving nurses from the profession. The COVID-19 pandemic placed tremendous pressure on all health care workers, but dissatisfaction and burnout among nurses have not improved since the pandemic ended.

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