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November 15, 2023

Dear Nurses,

As nurse entrepreneurs, you are part of a dynamic and ever-evolving field where compassion and creativity intersect to drive positive change in healthcare. Innovative nurses in business are creating and delivering much needed services, products, and programs throughout the healthcare marketplace. In this issue we’re excited to bring you a range of articles, interviews, and upcoming events that will empower you to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with blending nursing expertise and entrepreneurial spirit!

Articles of Interest:

How sticky is your business and why is it so important to your long-term success? This is just one of eight important questions to ask and answer in Assessing New Business Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurs. I use this assessment when evaluating new business ideas and wanted to share it in our first article of interest below.

Brand Voice: How to Craft a Compelling Tone That Attracts Your Ideal Customers is an article that is packed full of valuable information. If you can’t read it now, bookmark this article to come back to for later. If you are developing your brand or already have your brand established, it’s a great resource.

Enjoy the last article of interest 60+ Best Thanksgiving Quotes to Spread Gratitude Everywhere. I write quotes I like in a flip binder of index cards and there were so many good ones in this article that I need to buy a new flip binder! Enjoy and spread them around.


February is prime season in Florida. The average daytime high temperature is 75 F. Learn from NNBA Business Advisory Board members as they present a Mid-Year Workshop February 12-14, 2024: Business Basics Bootcamp for Nurses. Nurses, be sure to share with your colleagues, especially those in Florida!

NNBA’s Annual Shark Tank Competition is back on stage at the Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista South Hotel during the #NNBA2024 Conference. You can apply here: This is an audience favorite, and a great opportunity to make your pitch that could result in a cash prizes and awards.

Remember, your nursing knowledge and experience makes you 125% more likely to succeed in business than the average individual starting a business. There is so much potential for nurse entrepreneurs to develop business models that address the challenges we have in healthcare. Nurses make great business owners! Are you taking advantage of all your benefits here

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As we approach Thanksgiving, we want to express our thanks for each one of you. Your dedication and contributions to nurse entrepreneurship, makes the NNBA Nurses in Business a truly special community. This Thanksgiving, we wish for you joy in the company of others, the warmth of savored moments, and the peace of a well-deserved break.

Unconventionally yours,



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Articles of Interest

Assessing New Business Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurs



Brand Voice: How to Craft a Compelling Tone That Attracts Your Ideal Customers


60+ Best Thanksgiving Quotes to Spread Gratitude Everywhere


Gratitude The Life Blog

As nurses we are completely in our zone when assessing new patients admitted to our unit. However, assessing new business ideas for nurse entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs isn’t something many of us are comfortable with.

You may think that the most important question for a new business idea is projected financial metrics. Instead, these 8 questions below and your answers will help qualify and confirm your decision in moving forward or rerouting your venture.

  1. What are the industry and market trends? Healthcare is in a state of disruption. That is a trend that has only accelerated in the post-pandemic environment. Does the business idea exist considering the rapid legislative, technologic and socioeconomic changes? As a result, does the business idea even have more potential?

  2. What is the likely longevity potential of this business? Somewhat along the lines of trends, it’s important to consider how long you believe this business product, or service will be in demand. Does it only solve a temporary problem? How long will you retain your customer?

  3. How sticky is this idea? Stickiness is a requirement for long-term success. It is very difficult to be successful with a one-time purchase. It is typically easier to retain a happy customer and have them purchase additional products than to acquire a new lead and convert them to a new customer. Your ongoing success and profitability require your customer to continue to engage with your product or platform.

Welcome to the world of finding your brand voice, where your brand’s personality isn’t just a feature. It’s the heart and soul of your identity…

Picture it: You’re the mastermind behind a brand that will revolutionize your industry. You’ve designed your logo, product(s), and mapped out your vision. You’re ready to kick things off!

But wait, there’s something missing. What’s that secret sauce that transforms your brand from forgettable to unforgettable?

It’s Your Brand’s Voice!

Simple, right?

Well…not really. Your brand’s voice isn’t some mystical chant you recite and customers come running. It’s more like that one friend you bring along to get-togethers. You know the one — they make everything more fun. And, who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

But here’s the thing: finding your brand’s tone of voice isn’t about throwing darts blindfolded and hoping to hit the bullseye. (Which is also totally dangerous, and you shouldn’t do it anyway.)

It’s a carefully crafted, expertly honed process that requires a dash of expertise, a sprinkle of humor, and a whole lotta heart.

And remember, when it comes to writing articles that attract and convert customers, it’s not just a tone; it’s a symphony of words, a dance of emotions, and the heartbeat of your brand’s story.

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What wonderful things that we have a day for Thanksgiving! A festival that reminds us to express our gratitude and nourish the bonds we have in our lives. In today's Thanksgiving quotes, let's celebrate the meaning of this heartfelt holiday.

The warm feeling and connection that gratitude evokes in our hearts is unknown to no one. But, we hesitate, we get shy, and we think it's unnecessary when we have to express it. On this Thanksgiving and every day after it, let's decide to speak gratitude.

Have you ever not liked when someone told you genuinely how they were grateful for you? Of course not. People love to be appreciated. So, let's kick doubt to the curb and embrace emotions. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And, with that, here are the best Thanksgiving quotes for you:

“Thanksgiving just gets me all warm and tingly and all kinds of wonderful inside.” ― Willard Scott

“Thanksgiving Day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks and just giving.” ― Amy Grant

“If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he isn't likely to be thankful for what he's going to get.” ― Frank A. Clark

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” ― William Blake

“Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude.” ― Nigel Hamilton

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