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President's Corner
December 1, 2018
Dear Nurses,

We spent this past week visiting with extended family over Thanksgiving. Much of the visit was centered on food, laughter and fond memories or 're-memories' as my daughter used to say. As speaker proposals come in for #NNBA2019, I’m reflecting on the hundreds of comments made by nurses on #NNBA2018. I believe the evidence, fulfillment and options of nurse entrepreneurs and business owners stirs up our 're-memories' of what we love about nursing. Nurses make things happen in the healthcare marketplace and the NNBA is proud of our unique role. We provide business minded nurses the most current information to take control of their careers and transform their futures.Here is a link to #NNBA2018 See the NNBA in action!  With that being said, remember that speaker submissions are due by December 31, 2018. Click this link to see what the criteria is for submission. 

We are announcing an exciting opportunity for NNBA business owner members. Are you interested in increasing your network and your income? We are looking for NNBA Charter Chapter Leaders for the following regions. New England, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, South East, South West, North West, West and Ontario. You will lead a community of business minded nurses, be compensated for networking, receive NNBA’s training, and continue to grow your own business. Reply to this newsletter letting me know of your interest, year/s in business, year/s as an NNBA member and your location. We will get back to you with additional information.

Tony Robbins explains How to Love What You Do in our first Article of Interest. He says many people fall into a trap of thinking they need to love what they do, so they give up. Want to know what Steve Jobs said to himself in the mirror each morning? Learn that and more in the 11 Tips to Transform Your Morning and Make Your Entire Day More Productive. Having made plenty of money mistakes during my career by not being comfortable talking about money, I always look for educated financial resources. Thank goodness these folks are comfortable and knowledgeable talking about money in our final article 10 Podcasts that Will Make You Smarter With Your Money.
Unconventionally yours,

Articles of Interest
How to Do What You Love
11 Tips to Transform Your Morning Routine and Make Your Day More Productive
Success Magazine
10 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter With Your Money
You’ve heard the old saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” In many ways, this saying is true. If you’re passionate about what you’re putting your energy into, it won’t feel like you’re working. On the other hand, many people use this ideology as an excuse. Why put time and effort into something if you don’t love it?
The truth is, if you’re doing what you love for a living, you probably started out by taking small steps to reach that goal. Most people don’t enter their careers and immediately dive into doing what they love. The thing these people do have in common? Purpose. If you use your own sense of purpose to inform your professional decisions and progress, you will end up doing what you love.
As Tony Robbins says, “Change is automatic, but progress is not.
don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a little boost in their energy and self-control.
Researchers at the University of Nottingham recently published findings from their exploration of 83 separate studies on energy and self-control. What they found will change the way you start your day.
The researchers found that self-control and energy are not only intricately linked but also finite, daily resources that tire much like a muscle. Even though we don’t always realize it, as the day goes on, we have increased difficulty exerting self-control and focusing on our work. As self-control wears out, we feel tired and find tasks to be more difficult and our mood sours.
This exhaustion of self-control kills your productivity, and it makes the morning hours, when self-control is highest, the most important hours of the day.
Podcasts are great--they offer an entertaining and efficient way to soak up advice and commentary from top voices in any niche. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a middle manager, or someone focused on self-improvement, podcasts allow you to learn something new while you work out, commute to work, or finish everyday tasks.
With 2018 on its way, it's an ideal time to take stock of where you are professionally and financially. Podcasts in the finance niche can help you evaluate your old goals and reach for greater heights.
As a personal finance geek, I'm obsessed with good financial content that's both informative and enjoyable. Here are some of the top money podcasts to watch in 2018 according to my research, awards received at conferences like FinCon and the Podcast Movement, and iTunes reviews.
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