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President's Corner
May 1, 2019
Dear Nurses,

Entrepreneurs are 125% more successful if they are presently in the industry that they were previously employed. That is great news for nurses! So many entrepreneurial opportunities exist in the healthcare delivery system. Our conference will be presenting a many of those opportunities. If you have ever thought about: Launching Your Nursing Education Business, Starting Your Home and Community Based Elder Care, Creating a Profitable Speaking and Retreat Business, Digital Marketing for Nurse Blogging or Increasing Your Revenues Being a Nurse Practitioner Medical Detective, our in-depth workshops are for you! Check out these and the entire agenda here: Early Bird Savings ends June 1st, read about our special offer below!

NNBA’s 5th Annual Shark Tank Competition is back on stage, September 29th at the Flamingo Hotel. Read about this exciting and informative event here: and see it in action here: Send in your entry by July 1st. Have questions? Ask Heather Taylor, she was the 2015 NNBA Shark Tank winner!

Intrapreneurship was my path to entrepreneurship and it’s a great way for nurses to exercise their management and innovative skills. Our first article of interest, Transitioning From Employee to Entrepreneur, Try Intrapreneurship First is a route I highly recommend. When you are ready, The Top 11 Best Email Marketing Services has collected them all in one place for you to review. The NNBA has used Get Response Email Marketing Services for the past 5 years, and we have been pleased with its performance. Who doesn’t like brain hacks? 5 Mind Hacks You Need to Know Before Starting a Business is a quick read and the first hack is one of the best to quickly see how color affects branding.

We have a Special Offer for those of you that register: during the month of May in honor of Nurses Week. If you register during the next 30 days, in addition to the early bird savings, you will receive the FREE hardcover book “Live YOUR PASSION: Top Thought- Leaders Share Their Secrets for Living a Passionate Life!"  I’m Secret #52. It’s our way of recognizing Nurses for Nurse’s Week, all month long.

Unconventionally yours,

Articles of Interest
Transitioning From Employee to Entrepreneur? Try Intrapreneurship First

The Top 11 Best Email Marketing Services in 2019

Mind Hacks

Entrepreneur Magazine
Studies show that 15 million Americans are self-employed full-time and that an estimated 27 million Americans will transition from the traditional workforce to full-time entrepreneurship by 2020. Additionally, it is asserted that entrepreneurs are 125% more successful if they have previously been employed in the industry in which they presently do business. This is all great news on many levels.

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are considering transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, or perhaps you have already made the shift. I get it. I am one of the millions who has made the switch – trading stability and comfort for passion and freedom. 
For many growing companies, an email marketing service provider is one of the first tools you need in a marketer's tool belt -- and for good reason. Email marketing is a quick way to engage with your leads and nurture them into loyal customers. It's also extremely cost effective, with some studies showing an ROI of up to 4400%.

As email service providers (or ESPs) continue to develop, features like A/B Testing, automation, and personalization have made the tools even more valuable to a marketer looking to engage with an increasingly fragmented audience.

And, in 2019, email marketing is just as essential as it's ever been.
Below are some of the ways you can start your business on the right foot by delving into some excellent brain hacks to improve your chances of creating a worldwide recognized brand.

These hacks are gaining ground owing to the scientific research surrounding them. When you combine more than one of these methods together, you have the chance to drastically improve your odds in what today are so many overpopulated industry segments -- with so much noise.

Now, here's how to dive in to those hacks:

1.Use your brand's colors to your advantage.
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