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President's Corner
March 15, 2021
Dear Nurses,

Who could have predicted this past year’s results of the COVID-19 pandemic? The impact on businesses, healthcare, and employees is forever changed. Back in August of 2020, Becker’s Hospital CFO Report stated 266 hospitals furloughed employees in response to COVID-19. With COVID cases declining nationwide, have hospitals brought back the furloughed employees? I only found one article from December stating that 26 hospitals were bringing back furloughed employees. Perhaps there is more information out there about hospitals bringing back employees, I don't know. What I do know is that we are entering a “new normal” and nursing careers will continue to stretch traditional boundaries.

Is Your Nursing Career on Autopilot? Depending on your situation, autopilot may be necessary and helpful. In our first article of interest, Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC offers excellent career advice that speaks to many of the issues nurses are facing today and what you can do when you are ready to take back the controls.

With COVID cases subsiding and vaccinations rising, the prospect of returning to old routines appears more possible. But will people want to flock back to buildings even when it’s safe again? Many important steps can be made by business leaders to help prepare for the “new normal” and they are outlined in COVID Killed the Traditional Workplace: What Should Companies Do Now?

Overcoming obstacles to become a successful nurse entrepreneur and business owner is mainly determined by your mindset. 7 Experiences You Must Go Through to Develop a Winner’s Mindset, gives the lens to achieving your highest potential.

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Articles of Interest
Is Your Nursing Career on Autopilot?

Keith Carlson
COVID Killed the Traditional Workplace: What Should Companies Do Now?

HBS Working Knowledge
7 Experiences You Must Go Through to Develop a Winner’s Mindset

Addicted to Success
Nurses, do you ever feel that your nursing career is on autopilot? Are you coasting, resting on your laurels, or otherwise sitting in the back seat of your career? This can work for a while, but it can eventually lead to boredom, ennui, and even burnout and an abandoned career. If you’re on autopilot right now, would you like to get back in the pilot’s seat?

Autopilot and You
When your nursing career is on autopilot, you may be staying at a job you don’t really like because you don’t have the gumption or fortitude to think clearly about what you want. In this scenario, you’re stuck, but you may actually be kind of comfortable in your stuckness.

In autopilot mode, you’re coasting, going through the motions, and otherwise doing what you need to do to get through the day (or night), but there’s no longer any passion; in this case, nursing has definitely become just a job and an economic means to a financial end – you put food on the table by being a nurse, and that’s that.
A year ago, COVID-19 forced many companies to send employees home—often with a laptop and a prayer.

Now, with COVID cases subsiding and vaccinations rising, the prospect of returning to old office routines appears more possible. But will employees want to flock back to buildings even when it’s safe again? Should companies do away with Zoom and return the workplace to its pre-COVID ways?

The answer, in a word: No.

At least that’s not the future of work envisioned by several members of the Harvard Business School faculty—all of whom had to pivot last March to teaching and researching at a distance from the Boston campus. They say the workplace as we used to know it, quite frankly, is dead. Not only is remote work considered table stakes to employees, but the pandemic has challenged conventional thinking about work in other ways, too—perhaps permanently.
Going through various experiences in life has taught me what it takes to achieve your highest potential. I know if you’re reading this you want more out of life and you may be stuck at the moment. What I’ve found to be true is that there’s not much of a difference talentwise between winners and average performers in any area of life. Successful people are simply willing to do what most other people aren’t willing to do. The key difference is in their level of desire to work on and realize their dreams.

Here are 7 experiences you must be willing to go through to win at the highest level:

1. Failing over and over
It’s ironic but the most successful people in the world are the ones with the most failures under their belt. Most people think that success is a straight line from point A to point B but that’s not reality. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb and founder of General Electric, did over a thousand failed experiments.
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