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President's Corner
March 1, 2021
Dear Nurses,

Every new adventure begins with the first step! We are currently coordinating our annual educational conference on nurse entrepreneurship, which is always an exciting adventure. This year even more so  because of the pandemic’s influence of what we are seeing in emerging business opportunities for entrepreneurial nurses. For example, nurses with safety and quality control backgrounds, prevention of infection, or patient and staff safety and wellness, are all areas of nursing consultant services that are in high demand. Our conference provides nurse with the current information on what methods and media works best to share their message. We love introducing new speakers and providing massive-value and actionable content to the growing ranks of nurse entrepreneurs. Mark your calendars for September 24th – 26th for NNBA 2021 Virtual Conference. Registration will open in April!
Business opportunity: Home Health RN is looking for an RN partner for a home health business in the Bethlehem, PA area. Interested parties can email Mariella by clicking here. And please be sure to check out the Nurse’s Business ads below for special offers and savings for NNBA members!.

All you need to know about starting a business from A-Z! Videos, pdfs, audio files, worksheets and more; this is business education tailored for nurses that want to know what businesses are available, how to start their own business, and how to grow and market that business. Continued education contact hours, and professional development opportunities are included with NNBA membership.

There are more choices now than ever for nurses. These choices give nurses more flexibility, autonomy, and financial control. More nurses are recognizing their valuable knowledge and experiences which are well-suited to leverage them into a multitude of nurse owned businesses! From developing additional income streams on a part-time basis, such as a side hustle, to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, the NNBA is filled with nurses doing just that. Check out what NNBA Nurses in Business are doing in our member’s success highlights below!

Unconventionally yours,


NNBA Member’s Success Strategies – Stories – Habits – Tips – Inspirations
Julia Akinyooye - RN MSN
Emmanuel Consulting Agency
Julia is a Home Care Business Nurse Consultant and Coach, Entrepreneur, Success Coach, Author and Real Estate Investor. She has been in the health care field for 15 years. Julia fell in love with her Community Health Nursing Clinical and knew she wanted to make this area her specialty. She loved the impact that nurses in the community had on patients who had no or little access to health care in the rural upstate NY area. She was intrigued by the difference nurse’s made in patients’ lives. She then graduated and started her nursing career at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. She worked on a medical surgical telemetry unit to ensure she gained a solid foundation in clinical Nursing. Julia then entered into Community Health Nursing by accepting her first home care job offer as a Case Manager in a Certified Home Care Agency. There she learned the fundamentals of Public Health Nursing and Medicare/Medicaid. It didn’t take her long before she climbed the corporate ladder in management. Julia served as a RN Director of Patient Services in New York City for several years. After working long hours and being continuously on call, Julia decided she would use her expertise to serve as a Home Care Consultant in the NY area. She left her full-time job and there Emmanuel Consulting was born. Julia has been the Chief Executive Officer of Emmanuel Consulting Agency Incorporated since 2014 and provides expert consulting to the NY, NJ, PA area. Since then the company has grown and currently provides consulting to various parts of the United States. Emmanuel Consulting Agency specializes in complex licensing and individual, group, corporate startup buildouts for individuals and businesses that would like extensive client and brand growth in a particular market area.

Melissa Cardine, MSN, RN, WOCN, BCPA

Experienced Nurse Patient Advocate and Professional Leader within Health Advocacy, Melissa desires to transform the healthcare experience for patients, families and providers.

Lori Armstrong DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Lori is the CEO & Chief Clinical Officer of Inspire Nurse Leaders. She was recently interviewed by Stephanie Ruhle -MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Senior Business Correspondent on live TV. Lori was honored to promote nurses and giving public recognition to the essential role nurses play in improving the healthcare system.

Damion Jenkins, RN, MSN

Damion's SOUL mission is to get more nurses into the profession by helping them develop strategies for success. Damion has helped hundreds of new grads pass the NCLEX® and he has multiple programs and tutoring options.

In addition to helping nurses achieve success with passing the NCLEX®, Damion provides writing, speaking and consultant services.

Lisbeth Overton, RN, BSN, Integrated Health Coach

Lisbeth Overton is a self-love guide and nurse for the human spirit. Transform yourself with words in this beautifully inspired course.

Connecting with the power of words - A 33 Day Journaling Experience.  

"Last year at this time, I gave myself a gift by taking Lisbeth Overton’s 33 day journaling experience connecting with the power of words. It was simply perfect for my busy life and each day I found something so rewarding from the process." - Michelle Podlesni
And please be sure to check out the Nurse’s Business ads below for special offers
and savings for NNBA members!
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